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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2007Parameter-dependent thermal conductivity of one-dimensional 4 latticeLi, N. ; Li, B. 
15-Sep-2009Pathway sensitivity analysis for detecting pro-proliferation activities of oncogenes and tumor suppressors of epidermal growth factor receptor- extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase pathway at altered protein levelsLi, H. ; Choong, Y.U.; Xiao, H.M.; Xiang, H.L.; Bao, W.L. ; Boon, C.L. ; Yu, Z.C.
14-Sep-2011Phonon coherent resonance and its effect on thermal transport in core-shell nanowiresChen, J.; Zhang, G.; Li, B. 
20-Nov-2009Phonon Hall effect in four-terminal nano-junctionsZhang, L. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
May-2011Phonon Hall effect in ionic crystals in the presence of static magnetic fieldAgarwalla, B.K.; Zhang, L. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
18-Jun-2010Phonon interference at self-assembled monolayer interfaces: Molecular dynamics simulationsHu, L.; Zhang, L. ; Hu, M.; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. ; Keblinski, P.
Mar-2008Phononics gets hotWang, L. ; Li, B. 
2010Phononics: A new science and technology of controlling heat flow and processing information by phononsWang, L. ; Zhang, G.; Wu, G.; Yang, N.; Li, B. 
12-Feb-2014Profiling nanowire thermal resistance with a spatial resolution of nanometersLiu, D.; Xie, R. ; Yang, N.; Li, B. ; Thong, J.T.L. 
2007Propagation of Lamb waves in one-dimensional quasiperiodic composite thin plates: A split of phonon band gapGao, J.; Cheng, J.-C.; Li, B. 
30-Sep-2007Pumping current in a quantum dot by an oscillating magnetic fieldZhao, Y.Z.; Li, H.; Li, B. 
15-Feb-2012Quantum Hyperdiffusion in one-dimensional tight-binding latticesZhang, Z.; Tong, P.; Gong, J. ; Li, B. 
2006Quantum resonance and antiresonance for a periodically kicked Bose-Einstein condensate in a one-dimensional boxPoletti, D.; Fu, L.; Liu, J.; Li, B. 
28-Apr-2010Random matrix analysis of localization properties of gene coexpression networkJalan, S. ; Solymosi, N.; Vattay, G.; Li, B. 
14-Dec-2007Ratchet effect and the transporting Islands in the chaotic seaWang, L. ; Benenti, G.; Casati, G. ; Li, B. 
15-Jul-2009Ratchet-induced matter-wave transport and soliton collisions in Bose-Einstein condensatesPoletti, D.; Ostrovskaya, E.A.; Alexander, T.J.; Li, B. ; Kivshar, Y.S.
2008Ratcheting heat flux against a thermal biasLi, N. ; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. 
7-Oct-2013Redirection of sound waves using acoustic metasurfaceZhao, J.; Li, B. ; Chen, Z.N. ; Qiu, C.-W. 
2013Reduction of thermal conductivity by nanoscale 3D phononic crystalYang, L.; Yang, N.; Li, B. 
2006Reduction of thermal conductivity of anharmonic latticesWang, L. ; Li, B.