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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2013Classical heat transport in anharmonic molecular junctions: Exact solutionsLiu, S.; Agarwalla, B.K.; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
17-Jul-2012Colloquium: Phononics: Manipulating heat flow with electronic analogs and beyondLi, N. ; Ren, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, G.; Hänggi, P.; Li, B. 
27-Feb-2004Comment on "Anomalous Heat Conduction and Anomalous Diffusion in One-Dimensional Systems" [1] (multiple letters)Metzler, R.; Sokolov, I.M.; Li, B. ; Wang, J. 
3-Jun-2010Comment on "coherent ratchets in driven Bose-Einstein condensates"Benenti, G.; Casati, G. ; Denisov, S.; Flach, S.; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. ; Poletti, D.
7-Feb-2007Conductance oscillation and quantization in monatomic Al wiresXu, Y.; Shi, X.; Zeng, Z.; Zeng, Z.Y.; Li, B. 
5-Jan-2009Control of heat transport in quantum spin systemsYan, Y. ; Wu, C.-Q. ; Li, B. 
Feb-2014Control of surface morphology and crystal structure of silicon nanowires and their coherent phonon transport characteristicsLee, S.-Y.; Kim, G.-S.; Lim, J.; Han, S.; Li, B. ; Thong, J.T.L. ; Yoon, Y.-G.; Lee, S.-K.
23-May-2012Controlling complex networks: How much energy is needed?Yan, G.; Ren, J.; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.-H. ; Li, B. 
Jun-2013Controlling self-sustained spiking activity by adding or removing one network linkXu, K.; Huang, W.; Li, B. ; Dhamala, M.; Liu, Z. 
14-Sep-2001Correlations of chaotic eigenfunctions: A semiclassical analysisLi, B. ; Rouben, D.C.
Nov-2002Crossover of quantum Loschmidt echo from golden-rule decay to perturbation-independent decayWang, W.-G. ; Li, B. 
Dec-2013Cumulants of heat transfer across nonlinear quantum systemsLi, H.; Agarwalla, B.K.; Li, B. ; Wang, J.-S. 
2007Current behavior of a quantum Hamiltonian ratchet in resonancePoletti, D.; Carlo, G.G.; Li, B. 
15-Oct-2007Derivation of stable microarray cancer-differentiating signatures using consensus scoring of multiple random sampling and gene-ranking consistency evaluationZhi, Q.T.; Lian, Y.H.; Hong, H.L.; Cui, J.; Jia, J.; Boon, C.L. ; Bao, W.L. ; Yu, Z.C.
2009Desynchronization and on-off intermittency in complex networksWang, X.; Guan, S. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Li, B. ; Lai, C.H. 
12-Mar-2012Diameter-dependent thermal transport in individual ZnO nanowires and its correlation with surface coating and defectsBui, C.T.; Xie, R. ; Zheng, M.; Zhang, Q.; Sow, C.H. ; Li, B. ; Thong, J.T.L. 
2009Disorder enhances thermoelectric figure of merit in armchair graphane nanoribbonsNi, X.; Liang, G. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
1-Apr-2000Disturbance spreading in incommensurate and quasiperiodic systemsHu, B.; Li, B. ; Tong, P.
2007Dynamics of elastic waves in two-dimensional phononic crystals with chaotic defectChen, J.; Cheng, J.-C.; Li, B. 
6-Oct-2008Dynamics of matter-wave solitons in a ratchet potentialPoletti, D.; Alexander, T.J.; Ostrovskaya, E.A.; Li, B. ; Kivshar, Y.S.