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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1992The diffusion coefficient of lithium in V2O52O5 and V2O5TeO2 glassesRadhakrishnan, K. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Jul-1996The influence of Bi2O3 on yLi2O · (1 - y){xBi2O3(1 - x)B2O3} glass systemChowdari, B.V.R. ; Rong, Z.
Sep-1996The role of Bi2O3 as a network modifier and a network former in xBi2O3 · (1 - x)LiBO2 glass systemChowdari, B.V.R. ; Rong, Z.
Aug-1990Thermal, electrical and structural characterization of Li2O·P2O5·MoO3 glassesChowdari, B.V.R. ; Tan, K.L. ; Chia, W.T.; Gopalakrishnan, R. 
Apr-1996Thermal, electrical and XPS studies of Ag2O · TeO2 · P2O5 glassesChowdari, B.V.R. ; Pramoda Kumari, P.
Jan-1990Thermal, physical and electrical characterization of lithium boroarsenate glassesChowdari, B.V.R. ; Akhter, S.K.
1-Mar-1991Thermal, physical, electrical and XPS studies of the Li2O:P2O5: MoO3 glass systemChowdari, B.V.R. ; Tan, K.L. ; Chia, W.T.; Gopalakrishnan, R. 
Aug-1990Thin film studies on Li2O·P2O5·Nb2O 5 based fast ion conducting glassesChowdari, B.V.R. ; radhakrishnan, K. 
3-Nov-2011Time-dependent in-situ neutron diffraction investigation of a Li(Co 0.16Mn1.84)O4 cathodeSharma, N.; Reddy, M.V. ; Du, G.; Adams, S. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Guo, Z.; Peterson, V.K.
6-Sep-2005Tin oxides with hollandite structure as anodes for lithium ion batteriesSharma, N. ; Plévert, J.; Subba Rao, G.V. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; White, T.J.
21-Jun-2012TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by the molten salt method as a dual functional material for dye-sensitized solar cellsPeining, Z.; Yongzhi, W.; Reddy, M.V. ; Sreekumaran Nair, A. ; Shengjie, P.; Sharma, N.; Peterson, V.K.; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
7-Mar-2013X-ray absorption spectroscopy and energy storage of Ni-doped cobalt nitride, (Ni0.33Co0.67)N, prepared by a simple synthesis routeDas, B.; Reddy, M.V. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Dec-1991X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic and ionic transport studies on Ag2O:P2O5 glassy systemGopalakrishnan, R. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Tan, K.L. 
Mar-1990X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of molybdenum phosphate glassy systemChowdari, B.V.R. ; Tan, K.L. ; Chia, W.T.; Gopalakrishnan, R. 
15-May-2003X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electrochemical behaviour of 4 V cathode, Li(Ni1/2Mn1/2)O2Shaju, K.M. ; Subba Rao, G.V. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
1994X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and ionic transport studies on lead fluoroborate glassesGopalakrishnan, R. ; Tan, K.L. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Vijay, A.R.
May-1995X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies on PEOnMBr2 (M = Co, Ni, Zn) solid electrolytesMartin-Vosshage, D.; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Dec-1993X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies on poly-(ethylene oxide) with sodium triflateMartin-Vosshage, D.; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
2-Nov-2000XPS and ionic conductivity studies on Li2O-Al2O3-(TiO2 or GeO2)-P2O5 glass-ceramicsChowdari, B.V.R. ; Subba Rao, G.V. ; Lee, G.Y.H.
Feb-2001XPS studies and defect structure of pure and Li-doped SrBPO5Chowdari, B.V.R. ; Subba Rao, G.V.; Leo, C.J.