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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Bifunctional oligo(ethylene glycol) decorated surfaces which permit covalent protein immobilization and resist protein adsorptionBi, X. ; Xu, H. ; Lai, S.L.; Yang, K.-L. 
May-2013Characterization of a butanol-acetone-producing Clostridium strain and identification of its solventogenic genesChua, T.K. ; Liang, D.-W. ; Qi, C.; Yang, K.-L. ; He, J. 
2007Chemical modification of inert self-assembled monolayers with oxygen plasma for biosensor applicationYang, K.-L. ; Changying, X.
8-May-2007Chemical modifications of inert organic monolayers with oxygen plasma for biosensor applicationsXue, C.-Y.; Yang, K.-L. 
1-Jul-2011Cholesteric liquid crystals doped with dodecylamine for detecting aldehyde vaporsSutarlie, L. ; Lim, J.Y.; Yang, K.-L. 
25-Sep-2008Colorimetric responses of transparent polymers doped with metal phthalocyanine for detecting vaporous aminesSutarlie, L. ; Yang, K.-L. 
1-Oct-2011Complete debromination of tetra- and penta-brominated diphenyl ethers by a coculture consisting of Dehalococcoides and Desulfovibrio speciesLee, L.K.; Ding, C.; Yang, K.-L. ; He, J. 
23-Oct-2007Complexation of copper ions with histidine-containing tripeptides immobilized on solid surfacesBi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. 
7-Oct-2008Controlling and manipulating supported phospholipid monolayers as soft resist layers for fabricating chemically micropatterned surfacesXue, C.-Y.; Hartono, D. ; Yang, K.-L. 
20-May-2008Controlling orientations of immobilized oligopeptides using N-terminal cysteine labelsBi, X. ; Hartono, D. ; Yang, K.-L. 
15-Jan-2008Dark-to-bright optical responses of liquid crystals supported on solid surfaces decorated with proteinsXue, C.-Y.; Kun-Lin, Y. 
2008Dark-to-bright optical responses of liquid crystals triggered by proteins absorbed on solid surfacesXue, C.-Y.; Yang, K.-L. 
23-Nov-2009Decorating liquid crystal surfaces with proteins for real-time detection of specific protein-protein bindingHartono, D. ; Xue, C.-Y.; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
2010Detecting and differentiating escherichia coli strain TOP10 using optical crystalsXu, H. ; Hartono, D. ; Yang, K.-L. 
21-Aug-2011Detecting DNA targets through the formation of DNA/CTAB complex and its interactions with liquid crystalsLai, S.L.; Yang, K.-L. 
7-Jan-2010Detecting hydrogen sulfide by using transparent polymer with embedded CdSe/CdS quantum dotsXu, H. ; Wu, J.; Chen, C.-H. ; Zhang, L.; Yang, K.-L. 
18-Dec-2012Detecting proteins in microfluidic channels decorated with liquid crystal sensing dotsAliño, V.J.; Sim, P.H.; Choy, W.T.; Fraser, A.; Yang, K.-L. 
2-Feb-2010Detection and quantification of DNA adsorbed on solid surfaces by using liquid crystalsChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
28-Sep-2011Detection of DNA targets hybridized to solid surfaces using optical images of liquid crystalsLai, S.L.; Tan, W.L. ; Yang, K.-L.