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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan-2010Detecting hydrogen sulfide by using transparent polymer with embedded CdSe/CdS quantum dotsXu, H. ; Wu, J.; Chen, C.-H. ; Zhang, L.; Yang, K.-L. 
18-Dec-2012Detecting proteins in microfluidic channels decorated with liquid crystal sensing dotsAliño, V.J.; Sim, P.H.; Choy, W.T.; Fraser, A.; Yang, K.-L. 
2-Feb-2010Detection and quantification of DNA adsorbed on solid surfaces by using liquid crystalsChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
28-Sep-2011Detection of DNA targets hybridized to solid surfaces using optical images of liquid crystalsLai, S.L.; Tan, W.L. ; Yang, K.-L. 
18-Jun-2013Development of an oligopeptide functionalized surface plasmon resonance biosensor for online detection of glyphosateDing, X.; Yang, K.-L. 
15-May-2008Development of electrochemical calcium sensors by using silicon nanowires modified with phosphotyrosineBi, X. ; Wong, W.L.; Ji, W.; Agarwal, A.; Balasubramanian, N.; Yang, K.-L. 
15-Feb-2014DNA microarrays on ultraviolet-modified surfaces for speciation of bacteriaLiu, Y.; He, J. ; Yang, K.-L. 
Oct-2012Draft genome sequence of butanol-acetone-producing Clostridium beijerinckii strain G117Wu, Y.-R.; Li, Y.; Yang, K.-L. ; He, J. 
3-May-2011Enhancing the fluorescence intensity of DNA microarrays by using cationic surfactantsLai, S.L.; Chen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
12-Jan-2009Exploring optical properties of liquid crystals for developing label-free and high-throughput microfluidic immunoassaysXue, C.-Y.; Khan, S.A. ; Yang, K.-L. 
21-Feb-2011Fishing DNA targets in DNA solutions by using affinity microcontact printingChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
15-May-2012Functional protease assay using liquid crystals as a signal reporterChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
9-Sep-2013Graphene/liquid crystal based terahertz phase shiftersWu, Y.; Ruan, X.; Chen, C.-H. ; Shin, Y.J.; Lee, Y.; Niu, J.; Liu, J.; Chen, Y.; Yang, K.-L. ; Zhang, X.; Ahn, J.-H.; Yang, H. 
1-Dec-2013Hybrid cellulase aggregate with a silica core for hydrolysis of cellulose and biomassSutarlie, L. ; Yang, K.-L. 
2008Imaging of interactions between nanoparticles and phospholipids using ordering transitions of liquid crystalsHartono, D. ; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
Feb-2009Imaging the disruption of phospholipid monolayer by protein-coated nanoparticles using ordering transitions of liquid crystalsHartono, D. ; Qin, W.J. ; Yang, K.-L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. 
2007Immobilization of glycine and its oligomers on aldehyde-terminated surfaces and its influence on the orientation of liquid crystalsBi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. 
20-Jul-2007Immobilization of oligoglycines on aldehyde-decorated surfaces and its influence on the orientations of liquid crystalsBi, X. ; Yang, K.-L. 
3-May-2011Improving protein transfer efficiency and selectivity in affinity contact printing by using UV-modified surfacesChen, C.-H. ; Yang, K.-L. 
2016In situ formation of leak-free polyethylene glycol (PEG) membranes in microfluidic fuel cellsHo, W.F ; Lim, K.M ; Yang, K.-L