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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-1999Structure and magnetization of MnSb thin films deposited at different substrate temperaturesLow, B.L.; Ong, C.K. ; Lin, J. ; Huan, A.C.H. ; Gong, H. ; Liew, T.Y.F. 
1998Study on high dispersion catalysts for methanol synthesisLi, J.; Zhang, W.; Zhou, Y.; Lin, J. ; Chen, H.; Tan, K.
18-Jul-1998Substrate influence on the formation of FeSi and FeSi2 films from cis-Fe(SiCl3)2(CO)4 by LPCVDLuo, L.; Zybill, C.E. ; Ang, H.G. ; Lim, S.F.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Lin, J. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Tan, K.L. 
11-Dec-2007Supercapacitor electrodes from tubes-in-tube carbon nanostructuresPan, H. ; Poh, C.K.; Feng, Y.P. ; Lin, J. 
19-Sep-2006Supported nickel catalyst for synthesis gas preparationLU, YONG ; CHEN, LUWEI ; LIN, JIANYI ; DAUTZENBERG, FRITS M.
18-Mar-2004Supported nickel catalyst for synthesis gas preparationLU, YONG ; CHEN, LUWEI ; LIN, JIANYI ; DAUTZENBERG, FRITS M.
May-1996Surface and interface analysis of GaSb/GaAs semiconductor materialsLi, K.; Lin, J. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Tan, K.L. ; Feng, Z.C.; Webb, J.B.
20-Jan-2002Surface and interface properties of ion implanted 4H-silicon carbideFeng, Z.C.; Lin, J. ; Yan, F.; Zhao, J.H.
Aug-2004Surface chemical states of heteroepitaxial nitride films on sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionLi, K.; Feng, Z.C.; Yang, C.-C.; Lin, J. 
1-Feb-1995Surface Ni2+ diffusion in sol-gel-derived tetragonal and monoclinic ZrO2 matricesZeng, H.C. ; Lin, J. ; Teo, W.K. ; Loh, F.C. ; Tan, K.L. 
2-Nov-1999Synergism between Cu and Zn sites in Cu/Zn catalysts for methanol synthesisChen, H.Y.; Lau, S.P.; Chen, L. ; Lin, J. ; Huan, C.H.A. ; Tan, K.L. ; Pan, J.S.
1995Synthesis and characterization of new monomeric HALS formed from epoxide with double bondPan, J.-Q.; Lau, W.W.Y. ; Lin, J. 
1995Synthesis and characterization of new monomers containing UV-absorber functionPan, J.-Q.; Lau, W.W.Y. ; Lin, J. ; Tan, K.L. ; Goh, S.H. 
1994Synthesis and characterization of two new monomers containing hindered aminePan, J.-Q.; Lau, W.W.Y. ; Lin, J. ; Tan, K.L. 
28-Feb-2007Synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes and its hydrogen uptakeLim, S.H.; Luo, J.; Ji, W. ; Lin, J. 
3-Jun-1999Synthesis of Cu nanoparticles and microsized fibers by using carbon nanotubes as a templateChen, P. ; Wu, X. ; Lin, J. ; Tan, K.L. 
2000Synthesis of high-surface-area alumina using aluminum tri-sec-butoxide-2,4-pentanedione-2-propanol-nitric acid precursorsJi, L.; Lin, J. ; Tan, K.L. ; Zeng, H.C. 
30-Jul-2001Synthesis of large area aligned carbon nanotube arrays from C2H2-H2 mixture by rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionWang, Y.H.; Lin, J. ; Huan, C.H.A. ; Chen, G.S.
1-Jun-2001Synthesis of well-aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes on Ni catalyst using radio frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionHo, G.W. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Lin, J. ; Tjiu, W.C.
2004Synthesis, characterization and application of nano-structured Mo 2C thin filmsChen, H.Y.; Chen, L. ; Lu, Y. ; Hong, Q. ; Chua, H.C. ; Tang, S.B. ; Lin, J.