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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011MicroRNA target validation by formal methodsYang, Y.; Cheng, X. ; Hai, L. 
2006Model-based control with intermittent feedbackEstrada, T.; Lin, H. ; Antsaklis, P.J.
2011Modeling and control of a small-scale hybrid aircraftPartovi, A.R.; Xinhua, W.; Lum, K.-Y. ; Hai, L. 
2009Modified HMAX models for facial expression recognitionGu, W.; Xiang, C. ; Lin, H. 
2010Multi-agent controllability with tree topologyJi, Z.; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. ; Ling, Q.
2010Multi-layer flight control synthesis and analysis of a small-scale UAV helicopterKarimoddini, A.; Cai, G. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
2010Necessary and sufficient bit rate conditions to stabilize quantized Markov jump linear systemsLing, Q.; Lin, H. 
Apr-2010Necessary and sufficient conditions for regional stabilisability of generic switched linear systems with a pair of planar subsystemsHuang, Z.H.; Xiang, C. ; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
2010New results on controllability of multi-agent systemsNa, T.; Lin, H. ; Ji, Z.
2011Nodes with the same number of neighbors and multi-agent controllabilityJi, Z.; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
Apr-2011Null controllability of planar bimodal piecewise linear systemsLiu, X.; Lin, H. ; Chen, B.M. 
15-Sep-2006Optimal persistent disturbance attenuation control for linear hybrid systemsLin, H. ; Zhai, G.; Antsaklis, P.J.
2010Optimal task automaton decomposabilization for a class of global specificationsKarimadini, M.; Lin, H. 
2008p53-Mdm2 core regulation revealed by a mathematical modelYang, Y.; Lin, H. 
2010Reachability analysis based model validation in systems biologyYang, Y.; Lin, H. 
2009Reliable decentralized supervisory control of discrete event systems with communication delaysLiu, F.; Lin, H. 
Sep-2010Reliable supervisory control for general architecture of decentralized discrete event systemsLiu, F.; Lin, H. 
2011Reliable task decomposability for cooperative multi-agent systemsKarimadini, M.; Lin, H. 
Jan-2010Scheduling-and-control codesign for a collection of networked control systems with uncertain delaysDai, S.-L.; Lin, H. ; Ge, S.S. 
2008Simultaneous stability of a collection of networked control systems with uncertain delaysDai, S.-L.; Lin, H. ; Ge, S.S. ; Li, X.