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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000High bandwidth macro/micro-actuation for hard-disk driveJianxu, Ma; Ang Jr., Marcelo H. 
2011Human motion tracking in a wireless network of mobile and static sensorsOng, L.-L.; Han, M.-D.; Xiao, W.-D.; Tham, C.-K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
2002Hybrid of global path planning and local navigation implemented on a mobile robot in indoor environmentWang, L.C.; Yong, L.S.; Ang Jr., M.H. 
2008Hybrid P300 and mu-beta brain computer interface to operate a brain controlled wheelchairRebsamen, B. ; Burdet, E.; Zeng, Q.; Zhang, H.; Ang, M. ; Teo, C.L. ; Guan, C.; Laugier, C.
2007IMM filter based sensor scheduling for maneuvering target tracking in wireless sensor networksZhang, S. ; Xiao, W.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Tham, C.K. 
2003Implementation of an Output Feedback Controller in Operational SpaceXia, Q.H.; Lim, S.Y.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Lim, T.M.
2013Improving positioning accuracy using a general framework for macro mini manipulationArifin, A.S.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Wang, L.C.; Lai, C.Y.
2000Industrial application of control of dynamic behavior of robots - a walk-through programmed welding robotAng Jr., Marcelo H. ; Wei, Lin; Yong, Lim Ser 
2002Integrated planning and control of mobile robot with self-organizing neural networkLow, K.H. ; Leow, W.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. 
2007Job-agents: How to coordinate them?Koh, N.W.; Zieliński, C.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Lim, S.Y.
2009Local voronoi decomposition for multi-agent task allocationFu, J.G.M.; Bandyopadhyay, T.; Ang Jr., M.H. 
1999Machines accessed via internet issues and architectureTam, Wvi-Mun; Leu, Kent-Peng; Ang Jr., Marcelo H. ; Wong, Yoke-San 
2013Mapping with synthetic 2D LIDAR in 3D urban environmentChong, Z.J.; Qin, B.; Bandyopadhyay, T.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Frazzoli, E.; Rus, D.
2005Matching panoramic image for vision-based robot localizationSaedan, M.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Lim, C.W.
2013Mechanism of a learning robot manipulator for laparoscopic surgical trainingYang, T.; Liu, J.; Huang, W.; Su, Y.; Yang, L. ; Chui, C.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Chang, S.K.Y.
2006Mechatronic design quotient approach in beam vibration suppression design using linear dampersSun, J. ; Poo, A.N. ; Hong, G.S. ; Chew, C.M. ; Ang, M.H. ; Tan, K.K. ; De Silva, C.W.
2013Metric mapping and topo-metric graph learning of urban road networkQin, B.; Chong, Z.J.; Bandyopadhyay, T.; Ang Jr., M.H. 
2010Mobile sensing and simultaneously node localization in wireless sensor networks for human motion trackingZhang, S.; Xiao, W.; Gong, J.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Tham, C.K. ; Tham, R.Q.F.
2010Motion planning for 3-D target tracking among obstaclesBandyopadhyay, T.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Hsu, D. 
2013Motion planning using cooperative perception on urban roadLiu, W.; Kim, S.W.; Chong, Z.J.; Shen, X.T.; Ang Jr., M.H.