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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Semantic validation for XML updatesNi, W.; Ling, T.W. 
2013Semantics-based keyword search over XML and relational databasesLing, T.W. ; Le, T.N.; Zeng, Z.
2008SemanticTwig: A semantic approach to optimize XML query processingBao, Z.; Ling, T.W. ; Lu, J.; Chen, B. 
1996Slicing functional components from data-intensive business programsTan, Hee Beng Kuan ; Ling, Tok Wang 
2011Storage and use of provenance information for relational database queriesBao, Z.; Koehler, H.; Zhou, X.; Wang Ling, T. 
2013Supporting range queries in XML keyword searchZeng, Y.; Bao, Z.; Ling, T.W. 
Mar-1990The Prolog not-predicate and negation as failure ruleLing, T.W. 
2012The Third International Workshop on XML Data Management (XMLDM 2011) chairs' messageLu, J.; Ling, T.W. ; Yu, G.
2005TJFast: Effective processing of XML twig pattern matchingLu, J.; Chen, T. ; Ling, T.W. 
2012Top-down SLCA computation based on list partitionZhou, J.; Bao, Z.; Chen, Z.; Lan, G.; Lin, X.; Ling, T.W. 
May-1993Toward resolving inadequacies in object-oriented data modelsLing, T.W. ; Teo, P.K.
2010Towards an effective XML keyword searchBao, Z.; Lu, J.; Ling, T.W. ; Chen, B. 
2014Towards an intelligent keyword search over XML and relational databasesLing, T.W. ; Le, T.N.; Zeng, Z.
2010TP+Output: Modeling complex output information in XML twig pattern queryWu, H.; Ling, T.W. ; Dobbie, G.
2005Translate graphical XML query language to SQLXNi, W.; Ling, T.W. 
1993Translating relational schema with constraints into OODB schemaYan, Ling-Ling ; Ling, Tok-Wang 
2006TwigStackList¬: A holistic twig join algorithm for twig query with not-predicates on XML dataYu, T. ; Ling, T.W. ; Lu, J.
2008Using semantics in XML query processingBao, Z.; Wu, H.; Chen, B. ; Ling, T.W. 
2007VERT: A semantic approach for content search and content extraction in XML query processingWu, H.; Ling, T.W. ; Chen, B. 
May-1996View update in entity-relationship approachLing, T.W. ; Lee, M.L.