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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Automatic generation of XQuery view definitions from ORA-SS viewsChen, Y.B.; Ling, T.W. ; Lee, M.L. 
2004Automatic HTML to XML conversionLi, S.; Liu, M.; Ling, T.W. ; Peng, Z.
2003Building XML data warehouse based on frequent patterns in user queriesZhang, J. ; Ling, T.W. ; Bruckner, R.M.; Tjoa, A.M.
2006Capturing semantics in XML documentsLing, T.W. 
Jul-1996Components reuse for data-intensive business programs through an object-oriented architectureTan, H.B.K. ; Ling, T.W. 
1998Correct program slicing of database operationsTan, H.B.K.; Ling, T.W. 
2002Data cleaning and XML: The DBLP experienceLow, W.L.; Tok, W.H. ; Lee, M.L. ; Ling, T.W. 
2009DDE: From dewey to a fully dynamic XML labeling schemeXu, L.; Ling, T.W. ; Wu, H.; Bao, Z.
2009Demonstrating effective ranked XML keyword search with meaningful result displayBao, Z.; Chen, B. ; Ling, T.W. ; Lu, J.
2002Designing functional dependencies for XMLLee, M.L. ; Ling, T.W. ; Low, W.L.
2013Discovering semantics from data-centric XMLLi, L.; Le, T.N.; Wu, H.; Ling, T.W. ; Bressan, S. 
2006Dynamic interactive spatial similarity retrieval in iconic image databases using enhanced digraphZhou, X.M.; Ang, C.H. ; Ling, T.W. 
2009Effective XML keyword search with relevance oriented rankingBao, Z.; Ling, T.W. ; Chen, B. ; Lu, J.
2010Efficient label encoding for range-based dynamic XML labeling schemesXu, L.; Ling, T.W. ; Bao, Z.; Wu, H.
2006Efficient processing of multiple XML twig queriesLiu, H.; Ling, T.W. ; Yu, T. ; Wu, J.
2005Efficient processing of ordered XML twig patternLu, J.; Ling, T.W. ; Yu, T.; Li, C.; Ni, W. 
2009Efficient processing of partially specified twig pattern queriesZhou, J.F.; Meng, X.F.; Ling, T.W. 
2006Efficient processing of updates in dynamic XML dataLi, C.; Ling, T.W. ; Hu, M.
2004Efficient processing of XML twig patterns with parent child edges: A look-ahead approachLu, J.; Chen, T. ; Ling, T.W. 
2008Efficient updates in dynamic XML data: From binary string to quaternary stringLi, C.; Ling, T.W. ; Hu, M.