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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal gender using real-time polymerase chain reaction amplification of SRY in maternal plasma.Ho, S.S.; Damayanti, Z.; Chua, W.Y.; Ng, B.L.; Peh, C.M.; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. 
2009Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal aneuploidies and Mendelian disorders: New innovative strategiesHahn, S.; Jackson, L.G.; Kolla, V.; Mahyuddin, A.P.; Choolani, M. 
2010Noninvasive prenatal exclusion of haemoglobin Bart's using foetal DNA from maternal plasmaHo, S.S.Y.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Rauff, M. ; Baig, S.; Chan, J. ; Su, L.L. ; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Chong, S.S.C. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Chiu, L.; Chan, Y.H.; Hahn, S.
2008Ovarian cancer proteomics: Many technologies one goalNarasimhan, K. ; Changqing, Z.; Choolani, M. 
2009Pregnancy and H1N1 infectionSu, L.L. ; Chan, J. ; Chong, Y.S. ; Choolani, M. ; Biswas, A. ; Yong, E.L. 
1998Pregnancy rate after nonsurgical management of ectopic pregnancy? [2] (multiple letters)Choolani, M. ; Anandakumar, C. ; Rantala, M.; Makinen, J.
2008Prenatal detection of isochromosome 21 by QF-PCR: A comparison between FISH and traditional karyotypingGole, L.; Lian, N.B.; Lian, N.P.; Rauff, M. ; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. 
2014Proteomic analysis of human placental syncytiotrophoblast microvesicles in preeclampsiaBaig S.; Kothandaraman N.; Manikandan J.; Rong L.; Ee K.H.; Hill J.; Lai C.W.; Tan W.Y.; Yeoh F.; Kale A.; Su L.L. ; Biswas A. ; Vasoo S.; Choolani M. 
2009Proteomic technologies for prenatal diagnostics: Advances and challenges aheadHahn, S.; Choolani, M. ; Narasimhan, K. ; Kolla, V.
2010Quantitative proteomics analysis of maternal plasma in down syndrome pregnancies using isobaric tagging reagent (iTRAQ)Kolla V.; Jen” P.; Moes S.; Tercanli S.; Lapaire O.; Choolani M. ; Hahn S.
2004Rapid prenatal diagnosis by AmnioPCR and AmnioFISH: routine testing for Down's syndrome (trisomy 21) and sex chromosome trisomies, but targeted testing for Edward's (trisomy 18) and Patau's syndromes (trisomy 13).Su, L.L.; Biswas, A. ; Ho, S.S.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Kothandaraman, N.; Chia, D.; Choolani, M. 
2008Refining quantitative fluorescent polymerase chain reaction for prenatal detection of X chromosomal anomalies in the major Southeast Asian populationsGole, L. ; Ng, B.L. ; Baig, S.; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Adrianne, F.; Ee, A.M.; Koay, E. 
2014Regionally-specified second trimester fetal neural stem cells reveals differential neurogenic programmingFan Y. ; Marcy G. ; Lee E.S.M.; Rozen S. ; Mattar C.N.Z. ; Waddington S.N.; Goh E.L.K. ; Choolani M. ; Chan J.K.Y.
2015Respiratory consequences of N95-type Mask usage in pregnant healthcare workers-A controlled clinical studyTong P.S.Y.; Kale A.S.; Ng K.; Loke A.P.; Choolani M.A. ; Lim C.L.; Chan Y.H.; Chong Y.S.; Tambyah P.A. ; Yong E.-L.
Apr-2012Same-day prenatal diagnosis of common chromosomal aneuploidies using microfluidics-fluorescence in situ hybridizationHo, S.S.Y.; Chua, C.; Gole, L.; Biswas, A. ; Koay, E. ; Choolani, M. 
2010Separation of model mixtures of epsilon-globin positive fetal nucleated red blood cells and anucleate erythrocytes using a microfluidic deviceLee, D.; Xu, G.; Sukumar, P. ; Mahyuddin, A.; Choolani, M. 
2010Sonographic diagnosis and successful medical management of an intramural ectopic pregnancyOng, C.; Su, L.-L. ; Chia, D.; Choolani, M. ; Biswas, A. 
2009Superior osteogenic capacity for bone tissue engineering of fetal compared with perinatal and adult mesenchymal stem cellsZhang, Z.-Y.; Chong, M.S.K. ; Teoh, S.-H. ; Schantz, J.T. ; Fisk, N.M.; Choolani, M.A. ; Chan, J. 
2015The assessment of combined first trimester screening in women of advanced maternal age in an Asian cohortLi, Sarahweiling; Barrett, Angela Natalie ; Gole, Leena Abhijit; Tan, Weiching; Biswas, Arijit; Tan, Hakkoon; Choolani, Mahesh A