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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An assessment of the understanding and motivations of patients with schizophrenia about participating in a clinical trialChong, S.-A.; Ong, Y.Y.; Subramaniam, M.; Abdin, E.; Marx, C.E.; Campbell, A.V. 
Oct-2011Bioethics ten years on - What has changed?Campbell, A.V. 
Jan-2013Can virtue prevail? Safeguarding integrity in medicine and science.Campbell, A.V. 
2010Clinical research in times of pandemicsChong, S.-A.; Capps, B.J. ; Voo, T.C. ; Campbell, A.V. ; Subramaniam, M.
1975Editorial: Sterilization.Campbell, A.V. 
2016Has the biobank bubble burst? Withstanding the challenges for sustainable biobanking in the digital eraChalmers D.; Nicol D.; Kaye J.; Bell J.; Campbell A.V. ; Ho C.W.L. ; Kato K.; Minari J.; Ho C.-H.; Mitchell C.; Molnár-Gábor F.; Otlowski M.; Thiel D.; Fullerton S.M.; Whitton T.
2008Human tissue legislation: Listening to the professionalsCampbell, A.V. ; McLean, S.A.M.; Gutridge, K.; Harper, H.
Apr-2009Live or let die: Ethical issues in a psychiatric patient with end-stage renal failureAng, A.; Loke, P.C.W. ; Campbell, A.V. ; Chong, S.A.
Dec-2007Multiculturalism and Asian bioethics: Cultural war or creative dialogue?Nie, J.-B.; Campbell, A.V. 
2009The ethics of organ transplantation: Shortages and strategiesVoo, T.-C. ; De, Castro L.D. ; Campbell, A.V. 
2015The formative years: Medical ethics comes of ageCampbell Alastair Vincent 
2009Why the body matters: Uses and abuses of the human body in modern medicineCampbell, A.V.