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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of a new longitudinal interprofessional geriatric medicine educational track on knowledge and attitude of medical students: A controlled cohort studyKoh Choon Huat Gerald ; Ling Carolyn L.H.; Ma Bosco H.M.; Chen Cythia; Lim Wee Shiong ; Scherer Samuel C.; Zubair Amin ; Merchant Reshma A.
Feb-2012Effect of duration, participation rate, and supervision during community rehabilitation on functional outcomes in the first poststroke year in SingaporeKoh, G.C.-H. ; Saxena, S.K.; Ng, T.-P.; Yong, D.; Fong, N.-P. 
Feb-2012Effect of duration, participation rate, and supervision during community rehabilitation on functional outcomes in the first poststroke year in Singapore.Koh, Gerald Choon Huat ; Saxena, Sanjiv K.; Ng, Tze-Pin ; Yong, David; Fong, Ngan-Phoon
May-2013Ethical considerations in the review of Singapore's H1N1 pandemic response framework in 2009Tiong, W.W.; Koh, G.C.H. 
23-Feb-2013Factors associated with nursing home placement of all patients admitted for inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore community hospitals from 1996 to 2005: A disease stratified analysisChen, C.; Naidoo, N. ; Er, B.; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Tay, C.Y.; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Ng, Y.S.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Koh, G.C.H. 
Feb-2008Family medicine education in Singapore: A long-standing collaboration between specialists and family physiciansTeck, Y.W.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Eng, H.L.; Seng, K.C.; Lee, G.G.
2012Full paper: Airflow dynamics of coughing and sneezing in healthy human volunteers from shadowgraph imaging: An aid to aerosol infection controlTang, J.W.; Nicolle, A.; Pantelic, J. ; Koh, G.C. ; De Wang, L.; Amin, M.; Klettner, C.A.; Cheong, D.K.W. ; Sekhar, C. ; Tham, K.W. 
2006Functional outcomes in inpatient rehabilitative care of stroke patients: Predictive factors and the effect of therapy intensitySaxena, S.K. ; Ng, T.P. ; Yong, D.; Fong, N.P.; Koh, G. 
28-Nov-2017Functional status mediates the association between peripheral neuropathy and health-related quality of life in individuals with diabetesTessa Riandini; Hwee Lin Wee ; Eric Y. H. Khoo ; Bee Choo Tai ; Wilson Wang ; Gerald C. H. Koh ; E. Shyong Tai ; Subramaniam Tavintharan; Kurumbian Chandran; Siew Wai Hwang; Kavita Venkataraman 
13-Oct-2016Healthcare service utilization in the first year after admission into home medical care among elderly patients in SingaporeRakhi Mittal ; CS Tan; Weng Yew Tham; Lydia Seong ; Thai Lian Tan; Choon-Huat Koh 
Nov-2010Hypertension awareness, treatment and control in an urban low-income setting: A community-based study in SingaporeWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.-H. 
2013Hypertension management and lifestyle changes following screening for hypertension in an Asian low socioeconomic status community: A prospective studyWee, L.E.; Wong, J.; Chin, R.T.; Lin, Z.Y.; Goh, D.E.Q.; Vijakumar, K.; Vong, K.Y.; Tay, W.L.; Lim, H.T.; Koh, G.C.H. 
Mar-2012Individual and neighborhood social factors of hypertension management in a low-socioeconomic status population: A community-based case-control study in SingaporeWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.-H. 
2009Influenza A (H1N1) infections among healthcare workers: A cause for cautious optimismSng, J.; Koh, D. ; Koh, G. 
May-2007Is improvement in impaired cognition and depressive symptoms in post-stroke patients associated with recovery in activities of daily living?Saxena, S.K.; Ng, T.-P.; Koh, G. ; Yong, D.; Fong, N.P.
Feb-2010Knowledge and practice of household mosquito breeding control measures between a dengue hotspot and non-hotspot in SingaporeOng, D.Q.R.; Sitaram, N.; Rajakulendran, M.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Seow, A.L.H. ; Ong, E.S.L.; Pang, F.Y.
Oct-2010Multi-disease health screening in an urban low-income setting: A community-based studyWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C. ; Toh, Z.J.
2009National long-term-care severe disability insurance in SingaporeKoh, G.C.-H. 
26-Nov-2008Nursing homes during an influenza pandemicKoh, G.C.-H. ; Sng, J. ; Koh, D. 
2006Occupational health for an ageing workforce: Do we need a geriatric perspective?Koh, G.C.-H. ; Koh, D.