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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2013Screening for cardiovascular disease risk factors in an urban low-income setting at baseline and post intervention: A prospective intervention studyWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Yeo, W.X.; Chin, R.T.; Wong, J.; Seow, B.
2010Serological response in RT-PCR confirmed h1n1-2009 influenza a by hemagglutination inhibition and virus neutralization assays: An observational studyChen, M.I. ; Barr, I.G.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Lee, V.J. ; Lee, C.P.S.; Shaw, R.; Lin, C.; Yap, J.; Cook, A.R. ; Tan, B.H.; Loh, J.P.; Barkham, T.; Chow, V.T.K.; Lin, R.T.P.; Leo, Y.-S.
2015Singapore Tele-technology Aided Rehabilitation in Stroke (STARS) trial: Protocol of a randomized clinical trial on tele-rehabilitation for stroke patientsKoh G.C.-H. ; Yen S.C. ; Tay A. ; Cheong A.; Ng Y.S.; De Silva D.A.; Png C.; Caves K.; Koh K.; Kumar Y.; Phan S.W.; Tai B.C. ; Chen C.; Chew E.; Chao Z.; Chua C.E.; Koh Y.S.; Hoenig H.
Nov-2012Socio-demographic and clinical profile of admissions to community hospitals in Singapore from 1996 to 2005: A descriptive studyKoh, G.C.H. ; Wee, L.E.; Rizvi, N.A.; Chen, C.; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Petrella, R.; Thind, A.; Koh, D. ; Chia, K.S. 
Jul-2012Socioeconomic factors affecting colorectal, breast and cervical cancer screening in an Asian urban low-income setting at baseline and post-interventionWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Chin, R.T.; Yeo, W.X.; Seow, B.; Chua, D.
2008Subthreshold depression and cognitive impairment but not demented in stroke patients during their rehabilitationSaxena, S.K. ; Ng, T.P. ; Yong, D.; Fong, N.P.; Koh, G. 
2009Testosterone-status mismatch lowers collective efficacy in groups: Evidence from a slope-as-predictor multilevel structural equation modelZyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Koh, G. ; Koh, D. 
Jul-2011The effect of neighborhood, socioeconomic status and a community-based program on multi-disease health screening in an Asian population: A controlled intervention studyWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.H. 
2015The effectiveness of a shared conference experience in improving undergraduate medical and nursing students' attitudes towards inter-professional education in an Asian country: A before and after studyChua A.Z.; Lo D.Y.; Ho W.H.; Koh Y.Q.; Lim D.S.; Tam J.K.; Liaw S.Y. ; Koh G.C. 
2008The effects of problem-based learning during medical school on physician competency: A systematic reviewKoh, G.C.-H. ; Wong, M.L. ; Koh, D. ; Khoo, H.E. 
Sep-2012The knowledge-attitude dissociation in geriatric education: Can it be overcome?Koh, G.C.H. ; Merchant, R.A.; Lim, W.S.; Amin, Z.
Jul-2013The medical, functional and social challenges faced by older adults with intellectual disabilityWee, L.E.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Auyong, L.S.; Cheong, A.L.K.; Myo, T.T.; Lin, J.; Lim, E.M.K.; Tan, S.X.Y.; Sundaramurthy, S.; Koh, C.W.; Ramakrishnan, P.; Aariyapillai-Rajagopal, R.; Vaidynathan-Selvamuthu, H.; Khin, M.M.
Sep-2010The pedagogical value of a student-run community-based experiential learning project: The yong loo lin school of medicine public health screeningWee, L.E.; Yeo, W.X.; Tay, C.M.; Lee, J.J.M. ; Koh, G.C.-H. 
2014The synergistic effect of functional status and comorbidity burden on mortality: A 16-year survival analysisChen C.; Sia I.; Ma H.-M.; Tai B.C. ; Cheong A.; Fong N.P.; Tan S.Y.J.; Chan K.M.; Tan B.Y.; Menon E.; Ee C.H.; Lee K.K.; Ng Y.S.; Teo Y.Y. ; Ma S.; Heng D.; Koh G.C.-H. 
Mar-2007The use of salivary biomarkers in occupational and environmental medicineKoh, D.S.-Q. ; Koh, G.C.-H. 
2006Total direct cost, length of hospital stay, institutional discharges and their determinants from rehabilitation settings in stroke patientsSaxena, S.K. ; Ng, T.P. ; Yong, D.; Fong, N.P.; Gerald, K. 
Dec-2012Trade-offs between effectiveness and efficiency in stroke rehabilitationKoh, G.C.-H. ; Chen, C.; Cheong, A.; Choo, T.B. ; Pui, C.K. ; Phoon, F.N.; Ming, C.K.; Yeow, T.B.; Petrella, R.; Thind, A.; Koh, D. ; Seng, C.K. 
16-Sep-2017Trend and predictors of unplanned hospitalization of older patients during the first year after admission into a home medical serviceRakhi Mittal; Chuen Seng Tan ; Weng Yew Tham; Lydia Seong ; Thai Lian Tan; Gerald Koh 
Jul-2013Trends in length of stay, functional outcomes, and discharge destination stratified by disease type for inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore community hospitals from 1996 to 2005Chen, C.; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Naidoo, N. ; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Tan, Y.V.; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Ng, Y.S.; Koh, D. ; Chia, K.S. ; Teo, Y.Y. 
20-Sep-2017Using peer review to distribute group work marks equitably between medical studentsCook, Alex R; Mikael Hartman ; Luo Nan ; Judy Sng Gek Khim ; Fong Ngan Phoon ; Lim Wei Yen ; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; Wong Mee Lian ; Natarajan Rajaraman ; Lee Jen-Mai, Jeannette ; Koh Choon Huat, Gerald