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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007On the multiple access performance of prerake DS UWB systemCao, W.; Nallanathan, A. ; Chai, C.C.
2004On the performance improvement through the use of parallel interference cancellation in channel estimation for multipath CDMA systemsTie, L.T.; Chew, Y.H.; Nallanathan, A. 
2003On the performance of chip-interleaved turbo coded DS-CDMA system under impulse noiseJohn, T.S.; Nallanathan, A. 
2005On the performance of LDPC-coded OFDM system with periodically terminated differential phase modulationJohn, T.S.; Nallanathan, A. ; Armand, M.A. 
2004On the performance of MC-CDMA with transmit diversity over fast frequency selective fading channelsNallanathan, A. ; Meng, P.H.
2004On the performance of space-time block coded systems with channel estimationShan, C.; Kam, P.Y. ; Nallanathan, A. 
2006On the tradeoff between data rate and BER performance of pre-RAKE DS UWB systemWei, C.; Nallanathan, A. ; Chai, C.C.
2007Optimal training design for channel estimation in amplify and forward relay networksCuif, T.; Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A. 
Nov-2007Performance analysis of prerake DS UWB multiple access system under imperfect channel estimationCao, W.; Nallanathan, A. ; Chai, C.C.
2002Performance of a bluetooth piconet in the presence of IEEE 802.11 WLANsFeng, W.; Arumugam, N. ; Krishna, G.H.
Jul-2006Performance of DS-UWB multiple-access systems with diversity reception in dense multipath environmentsTan, S.-S.; Nallanathan, A. ; Kannan, B.
5-Dec-2002Performance of LSE-RLS-based interference cancellation scheme for STBC multiuser systemsMahinthan, V.; Kannan, B.; Nallanathan, A. 
2004Performance of PHY and MAC layers of a bluetooth piconet in multi-Bluetooth interference environmentFeng, W.; Nallanathan, A. ; Garg, H.K. 
2003Performance of Physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) layers of IEEE 802.11b in the presence of Bluetooth piconetsFeng, W.; Nallanathan, A. ; Krishna, G.H.
2003Performance of UWB Multiple Access Impulse Radio Systems in Multipath Environment with Antenna ArrayTan, S.-S.; Kannan, B.; Nallanathan, A. 
Jun-2006Performance of UWB multiple-access impulse radio systems with antenna array in dense multipath environmentsTan, S.S.; Kannan, B.; Nallanathan, A. 
2006Polynomial rooting based maximum likelihood carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM systemsFeifei, G.; Nallanathan, A. 
2012Relaying technologies for smart grid communicationsSun, H.; Nallanathan, A. ; Tan, B.; Thompson, J.; Jiang, J.; Poor, H.
Apr-2007Reply to "A comment on 'Blind maximum likelihood CFO estimation for OFDM systems via polynomial rooting'"Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A. 
Jan-2008Resolving multidimensional ambiguity in blind channel estimation of MIMO-FIR systems via block precodingGao, F.; Nallanathan, A.