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Nov-2012A single institution experience of the incidence of extracranial metastasis in gliomaAmitendu, S.; Mak, S.K.D.; Ling, J.M.; Ng, W.H. 
1-Jan-2020Biomimetic Nanocomposites Cloaked with Bioorthogonally Labeled Glioblastoma Cell Membrane for Targeted Multimodal Imaging of Brain TumorsDuan, Y ; Wu, M ; Hu, D; Pan, Y ; Hu, F ; Liu, X ; Thakor, N ; Ng, WH ; Liu, X ; Sheng, Z; Zheng, H; Liu, B 
Sep-2013Combined temozolomide and radiation as an initial treatment for anaplastic gliomaTham, C.K.; See, S.J. ; Tan, S.H. ; Lim, K.H.C. ; Ng, W.H. ; Thomas, J. ; Chong, D.Q.; Chua, E.T. 
May-2013Cortical reorganization of motor functional areas in cerebral arteriovenous malformationsLee, L.; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Ng, I.; Ng, W.H. 
2017Interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2 cooperates with EGFRvIII signaling to promote glioblastoma multiformeNewman J.P.; Wang G.Y.; Arima K.; Guan S.P. ; Waters M.R.; Cavenee W.K.; Pan E.; Aliwarga E. ; Chong S.T.; Kok C.Y.L.; Endaya B.B.; Habib A.A.; Horibe T.; Ng W.H. ; Ho I.A.W. ; Hui K.M. ; Kordula T.; Lam P.Y.P. 
2016ST3GAL1-Associated Transcriptomic Program in Glioblastoma Tumor Growth, Invasion, and PrognosisChong Y.K.; Sandanaraj E.; Koh L.W.H.; Thangaveloo M.; Tan M.S.Y.; Koh G.R.H.; Toh T.B. ; Lim G.G.Y.; Holbrook J.D. ; Kon O.L. ; Nadarajah M.; Ng I. ; Ng W.H. ; Tan N.S. ; Lim K.L. ; Tang Soo Leng Carol ; Ang B.T.