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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2002High-resolution atomic force microscope nanotip grown by self-field emissionOon, C.H.; Thong, J.T.L. ; Lei, Y. ; Chim, W.K. 
9-Feb-2005Highly ordered arrays of metal/semiconductor core-shell nanoparticles with tunable nanostructures and photoluminescenceLei, Y. ; Chim, W.-K. 
13-Jul-2004Large-scale ordered carbon nanotube arrays initiated from highly ordered catalyst arrays on silicon substratesLei, Y. ; Yeong, K.-S.; Thong, J.T.L. ; Chim, W.-K. 
6-Sep-2017Modeling tunnel profile in the presence of coordinate errors: A Gaussian process-based approachChen Zhang; Yong Lei ; Linmiao Zhang ; Nan Chen 
Oct-2003Monitoring Oxide Quality Using the Spread of the dC/dV Peak in Scanning Capacitance Microscopy MeasurementsChim, W.K. ; Wong, K.M. ; Yeow, Y.T.; Hong, Y.D.; Lei, Y. ; Teo, L.W.; Choi, W.K. 
Apr-2005Morphology controlled growth of large area ordered porous filmSun, F.-Q.; Cai, W.-P.; Li, Y.; Cao, B.-Q.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.-D.
Mar-2004Morphology-controlled growth of large-area two-dimensional ordered pore arraysSun, F.; Cai, W.; Li, Y.; Cao, B.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
1-Sep-2005Ordered arrays of highly oriented single-crystal semiconductor nanoparticles on silicon substratesLei, Y. ; Chim, W.K. ; Weissmüller, J.; Wilde, G.; Sun, H.P.; Pan, X.Q.
21-Oct-2003Ordered nanoporous nickel films and their magnetic propertiesLei, Y. ; Chim, W.-K. ; Zhang, Z.; Zhou, T.; Zhang, L.; Meng, G.; Phillipp, F.
8-Feb-2005Shape and size control of regularly arrayed nanodots fabricated using ultrathin alumina masksLei, Y. ; Chim, W.-K. 
4-Nov-2002Size control and charge storage mechanism of germanium nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structureTeo, L.W.; Choi, W.K. ; Chim, W.K. ; Ho, V.; Moey, C.M.; Tay, M.S.; Heng, C.L. ; Lei, Y. ; Antoniadis, D.A.; Fitzgerald, E.A.