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2009A case study of variation mechanism in an industrial product lineYe, P.; Peng, X.; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2013A large scale Linux-Kernel based benchmark for feature location researchXing, Z.; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2010Are clones harmful for maintenance?Jarzabek, S. ; Xue, Y. 
2009Avoiding some common preprocessing pitfalls with feature queriesJarzabek, S. ; Xue, Y. ; Zhang, H.; Lee, Y.
2011CloneDiff - Semantic differencing of clonesXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2011CloneDifferentiator: Analyzing clones by differentiationXing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2012Feature location in a collection of product variantsXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2011Improving product line architecture design and customization by raising the level of variability modelingZhu, J.; Peng, X.; Jarzabek, S. ; Xing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Zhao, W.
2009Increasing usability of preprocessing for feature management in product lines with queriesJarzabek, S. ; Zhang, H.; Lee, Y.; Xue, Y. ; Shaikh, N.
2011Reengineering legacy software products into software product line based on automatic variability analysisXue, Y. 
2011Scalability of variability management: An example of industrial practice and some improvementsXue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. ; Ye, P.; Peng, X.; Zhao, W.
2010Understanding feature evolution in a family of product variantsXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S.