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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Effects of varying backpack loads on peak forces in the lumbosacral spine during walkingGoh, J.-H. ; Thambyah, A. ; Bose, K. 
2004Enhancement of tendon graft osteointegration using mesenchymal stem cells in a rabbit model of anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionLim, J.-K.; Hui, J. ; Li, L. ; Thambyah, A. ; Goh, J. ; Lee, E.-H. 
Oct-2005Estimation of bone-on-bone contact forces in the tibiofemoral joint during walkingThambyah, A. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Wyss, U.
1997Evaluation of a simple and low-cost external fixatorGoh, J. ; Thambyah, A. ; Bose, K. ; Ghani, A.N.
2003Gait adaptations in patients with longstanding hip fusion.Thambyah, A. ; Hee, H.T. ; Das, De S. ; Lee, S.M.
2000Influence of PLIF cage size on lumbar spine stabilityGoh, J.C.H. ; Wong, H.-K. ; Thambyah, A. ; Yu, C.-S.
2004Knee joint moments during stair climbing of patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiencyThambyah, A. ; Thiagarajan, P. ; Hong, J.G.C.
2003The natural history of spontaneous osteonecrosis of the medial tibial plateauSatku, K.; Kumar, V.P. ; Thambyah, A. ; Chong, S.M. 
2004Treatment of chondral lesions in advanced osteochondritis dissecans: A comparative study of the efficacy of chondrocytes, mesenchymal stem cells, periosteal graft, and mosaicplasty (osteochondral autograft) in animal modelsHui, J.H.P. ; Chen, F.; Thambyah, A. ; Lee, E.H.