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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A page fault equation for dynamic heap sizingTay, Y.C. ; Zong, X.R.
Feb-2006A page fault equation for modeling the effect of memory sizeTay, Y.C. ; Zou, M.
1999AMRIS: A multicast protocol for ad hoc wireless networksWu, C.W.; Tay, Y.C. 
2013An equation-based Heap Sizing RuleTay, Y.C. ; Zong, X.; He, X.
28-Apr-2010Analytical performance modeling for computer systemsTay, Y.C. 
15-Oct-2013Analytical performance modeling for computer systems: Second editionTay, Y.C. 
1998Buffer management in distributed database systems: A data mining-based approachFeng, L.; Lu, H.; Tay, Y.C. ; Tung, K.H. 
Aug-2004Collision-minimizing CSMA and its applications to wireless sensor networksTay, Y.C. ; Jamieson, K.; Balakrishnan, H.
Aug-2011Data generation for application-specific benchmarkingTay, Y.C. 
15-May-2005Divide-and-conquer approach for the exemplar breakpoint distanceNguyen, C.T.; Tay, Y.C. ; Zhang, L. 
2008Equilibrium analysis through separation of user and network behaviorTay, Y.C. ; Tran, D.N.; Liu, E.Y.; Ooi, W.T. ; Morris, R.
2010FlashCoop: A locality-aware cooperative buffer management for SSD-based storage clusterWei, Q.; Gong, B.; Pathak, S.; Tay, Y.C. 
2000Load sharing in distributed multimedia-on-demand systemsTay, Y.C. ; Pang, H.
2013NdnRezazad, M.; Tay, Y.C. 
Oct-1995On deadlocks of exclusive AND-requests for resourcesTay, Y.C. ; Loke, W.T.
Apr-1990On the optimality of strategies for multiple joinsTay, Y.C. 
Nov-1993On the optimality of strategies for multiple joinsTay, Y.C. 
Aug-2008P 3N: Profiling the potential of a peer-based data management systemLupu, M.; Tay, Y.C. 
2008Paths to stardom: Calibrating the potential of a peer-based data management systemLupu, M.; Ooi, B.C. ; Tay, Y.C. 
2011Power and endurance aware Flash-PCM memory systemPathak, S.; Tay, Y.C. ; Wei, Q.