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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013High-speed optogenetic circuit mappingAugustine, G.J. ; Chen, S.; Gill, H.; Katarya, M.; Kim, J.; Kudolo, J.; Lee, L.M.; Lee, H.; Lo, S.Q.; Nakajima, R.; Park, M.-Y.; GREGORY TAN MING YEONG ; Tang, Y. ; Teo, P. ; Tsuda, S. ; Wen, L.; Yoon, S.-I.
Dec-2008Imaging activity of neuronal populations with new long-wavelength voltage-sensitive dyesKee, M.Z.L. ; Wuskell, J.P.; Loew, L.M.; Augustine, G.J. ; Sekino, Y.
11-Mar-2013In vivo optogenetic tracing of functional corticocortical connections between motor forelimb areasHira, R.; Ohkubo, F.; Tanaka, Y.R.; Masamizu, Y.; Augustine, G.J. ; Kasai, H.; Matsuzaki, M.
27-Mar-2013Light-Emitting Channelrhodopsins for Combined Optogenetic and Chemical-Genetic Control of NeuronsBerglund, K.; Birkner, E.; Augustine, G.J. ; Hochgeschwender, U.
Aug-2008Optogenetic probesYasuda, R.; Augustine, G.J. 
3-Mar-2014Optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathwayHernandez, V.H.; Gehrt, A.; Reuter, K.; Jing, Z.; Jeschke, M.; Schulz, A.M.; Hoch, G.; Bartels, M.; Vogt, G.; Garnham, C.W.; Yawo, H.; Fukazawa, Y.; Augustine, G.J. ; Bamberg, E.; Kügler, S.; Salditt, T.; De Hoz, L.; Strenzke, N.; Moser, T.
10-Mar-2015Rescue of Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 Dysfunction-induced Defects in Newborn Neurons by PentobarbitalMa, Dongliang ; Yoon, Su-in ; Yang, Chih-Hao; Guillaume, Thierry Marcy ; Zhao, Na; Leong, Wan Ying ; Ganapathy, Vinupriya ; Ju, Han ; Van Dongen, Antonius M J ; Hsu, Kuei-Sen; Ming, Guo-Li; Augustine Jr, George James ; Goh, Lay Keow Eyleen 
15-May-2009Transcranial optogenetic stimulation for functional mapping of the motor cortexHira, R.; Honkura, N.; Noguchi, J.; Maruyama, Y.; Augustine, G.J. ; Kasai, H.; Matsuzaki, M.
2013Visualization of synaptic inhibition with an optogenetic sensor developed by cell-free protein engineering automationGrimley, J.S.; Li, L.; Wang, W.; Wen, L.; Beese, L.S.; Hellinga, H.W.; Augustine, G.J.