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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Biosynthesis of mangostin. Part 1: The origin of the xanthone skeletonBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. ; Das, N.P.
Aug-1996Forbesione, a Modified Xanthone from Garcinia forbesiiLeong, Y.-W.; Harrison, L.J. ; Bennett, G.J. ; Tan, H.T.-W. 
1991Geranyl anthraquinones from the bark of Ploiarium alternifoliumBennett, G.J. ; Harrison, L.J. ; Lim, M.-S.; Sim, K.-Y. ; Tan, E.-C.; Connolly, J.D.
1991Halenia elliptica xanthone: A structural revisionBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. 
Apr-1995Minor xanthones from the bark of cratoxylum cochinchinenseSia, G.-L.; Bennett, G.J. ; Harrison, L.J. ; Sim, K.-Y. 
1990Novel metabolites from Ploiarium alternifolium: A bixanthone and two anthraquinonylxanthonesBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. ; Lowrey, T.K. 
1986Oxidative rearrangement of quinochalcones. Part 2. A facile synthesis of linderoneBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. 
1989Rearrangement of 1,3,5,8-tetraoxygenated xanthones in hot aqueous morpholineBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. 
1990Synthesis of minor xanthones from Garcinia mangostanaBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H. ; Lee, L.-P.
1988The biosynthesis of mangostin: The origin of the xanthone skeletonBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H. 
Mar-1993Triterpenoids, tocotrienols and xanthones from the bark of Cratoxylum CochinchinenseBennett, G.J. ; Harrison, L.J. ; Sia, G.-L.; Sim, K.-Y. 
1989Xanthones from guttiferaeBennett, G.J. ; Lee, H.-H.