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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Cooperative interference control for spectrum sharing in OFDMA cellular systemsDa, B. ; Zhang, R. 
2010Dynamic channel switching for downlink relay-aided OFDMA systemsDa, B. ; Zhang, R. ; Ko, C.C. 
2009Dynamic resource allocation in OFDMA systems with adjustable QoSDa, B. ; Ko, C.-C. 
Jan-2012Dynamic resource allocation in relay-assisted OFDMA cellular systemDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
26-Nov-2010Dynamic spectrum sharing in orthogonal frequency division multiple access - based cognitive radioDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
2007Dynamic subcarrier sharing algorithms for uplink OFDMA resource allocationDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
2011Exploiting interference alignment in multi-cell cooperative OFDMA resource allocationDa, B. ; Zhang, R. 
2009Fairness-aware resource allocation in downlink OFDMA systems with partial feedback CSIDa, B. ; Ko, C.-C. 
Oct-2010Implementation of OFDMA-based cognitive radio via accessible interference temperatureDa, B. ; Ko, C.-C. 
2009Resource allocation in downlink MIMO-OFDMA with proportional fairnessDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
2010Spectrum trading in OFDMA-based cognitive radio systemsDa, B. ; Zhang, R. ; Ko, C.C. 
2008Subcarrier and power allocation in relay-assistant OFDMA cellular systemDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
2009Utility-based dynamic resource allocation in multi-user MIMO-OFDMA cellular systemsDa, B. ; Ko, C.-C.