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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2011Ibn KhaldunAlatas, S.F. 
Nov-2006Ibn Khaldūn and contemporary sociologyAlatas, S.F. 
2006Ibn Khaldūn and contemporary sociologyAlatas, S.F. 
1997IntroductionAlatas, S.F. 
2005Islam and modernizationAlatas, S.F. 
26-Nov-2007Islam and the Science of EconomicsAlatas, S.F. 
1993On the Indigenization of Academic DiscourseAlatas, S.F. 
13-Dec-2016Problematizing the Construction of Hinduism and the Concept of Religion: Al-Biruni and the Religion of HindAlatas, S.F. 
1998Relevance and Irrelevance as Concepts in the Philosophy and Sociology of Social ScienceAlatas, S.F. 
2001Teaching classical sociological theory in Singapore: The context of EurocentrismAlatas, S.F. ; Sinha, V. 
12-Nov-2011Teaching social theory as alternative discourseAlatas, S.F. 
2002The 'Alawiyyah Tariqah': Some Problems in the Sociology of ReligionAlatas, S.F. 
2007The historical sociology of muslim societies: Khaldunian applicationsAlatas, S.F. 
2001The Idea of Alternative DiscoursesAlatas, S.F. 
2004The meaning of alternative discourses: Illustrations from Southeast AsiaAlatas, S.F. 
16-Nov-2016The Possibilities for a Neo-Khaldunian Historical SociologyAlatas, S.F. 
1997The Post-Colonial State: Dual Functions in the Public SphereAlatas, S.F. 
1995The Sacralization of the Social Sciences: A Critique of an Emerging Theme in Academic DiscourseAlatas, S.F. 
2001The Study of the Social Sciences in Developing Societies: Towards an Adequate Conceptualization of RelevanceAlatas, S.F. 
2003Title translation not available.Alatas, S.F.