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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2003Photophysical and nonlinear-optical properties of a new polymer: Hydroxylated pyridyl para-phenyleneJi, W. ; Elim, H.I. ; He, J. ; Fitrilawati, F.; Baskar, C.; Valiyaveettil, S. ; Knoll, W. 
8-Jul-2003Preparation of self-assembled monolayers containing anthryl groups toward hybridization of nucleotidesNakamura, F.; Mitsui, K.; Hara, M.; Kraemer, S.; Mittler, S.; Knoll, W. 
14-Mar-2006Pulsed plasma polymerized maleic anhydride films in humid air and in aqueous solutions studied with optical waveguide spectroscopyChu, L.-Q.; Förch, R.; Knoll, W. 
May-2007Response of cells on surface-induced nanopatterns: Fibroblasts and mesenchymal progenitor cellsKhor, H.L.; Kuan, Y.; Kukula, H.; Tamada, K.; Knoll, W. ; Moeller, M.; Hutmacher, D.W. 
13-Feb-2003Simultaneous surface plasmon optical and electrochemical investigation of the electropolymerization of bithiophene at elevated pressuresJakob, T.; Knoll, W. 
24-Jan-2005Sn-containing composite thin films by plasma deposition of tetramethyltinHu, J.; Zong, Y.; Wang, Y.-Z.; Förch, R.; Knoll, W. 
Sep-2003Supramolecular interfacial architectures for optical biosensingKnoll, W. ; Yu, F.; Yao, D.; Naumann, R.; Schiller, S.; Morigaki, K.
7-Mar-2006Synthesis and characterization of luminescent conjugated polymer-silica composite spheresRavindranath, R.; Ajikumar, P.K. ; Hanafiah, N.B.M.; Knoll, W. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
1-Jun-2005Viscoelastic modeling of template-directed DNA synthesisStengel, G.; Höök, F.; Knoll, W.