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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007Data analysis, modeling and control performance enhancement of an industrial fluid catalytic cracking unitRamachandran, R.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Lakshminarayanan, S. 
13-Mar-2012Design and Plantwide Control of a Biodiesel PlantZhang, C.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Kariwala, V.
2011Design optimization of an LPG thermal cracker for multiple objectivesNabavi, R.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Niaei, A.; Salari, D.
May-2007Design stage optimization of an industrial low-density polyethylene tubular reactor for multiple objectives using NSGA-II and its jumping gene adaptationsAgrawal, N.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Ray, A.K.; Gupta, S.K.
19-Jan-2011Development of guidelines for plantwide control of gas-phase industrial processes, from reactor-separator-recycle resultsVasudevan, S.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
9-May-2007Differential evolution with tabu list for global optimization and its application to phase equilibrium and parameter estimation problemsSrinivas, M.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
24-Oct-2007Differential evolution with tabu list for solving nonlinear and mixed-integer nonlinear programming problemsSrinivas, M.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Sep-2004Distillation: Revisiting some rules of thumbLek, C.M.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Hidajat, K. 
Dec-1986Dynamics of probabilistic time delay modelsRangaiah, G.P. ; Krishnaswamy, P.R. 
11-Apr-2011Economic and environmental criteria and trade-offs for recovery processesSharma, S.; Chua, Y.C.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
2015Effect of cool vs. warm dialysate on toxin removal: Rationale and study designMaheshwari, Vaibhav ; Lau, Titus; Samavedham, Lakshminarayanan ; Rangaiah, Gade Pandu 
Feb-1993Effect of gas evolution on dispersion in an electrochemical reactorWu, W.S. ; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Fleischmann, M.
Nov-1993Effect of gas evolution on mass transfer in an electrochemical reactorWu, W.S. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
2013Effect of intra-patient variability on personalized parameters of glucose-insulin dynamic models for exercise, meal, and insulin interventionsBalakrishnan, N.P.; Samavedham, L. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
1994Effective implementation of conservative model based control algorithmRangaiah, G.P. ; Krishnaswamy, P.R. 
Jul-1990Efficient implementation of simplified model predictive controlKew, J.W.; Krishnaswamy, P.R. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
2013Energy-efficient vacuum systemsReddy, C.C.S.; Naidu, S.V.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
15-Sep-2008Engineering practice: Optimize your process plant for more than one objectiveLee, E.S.Q.; Ang, A.Y.W.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Dec-2001Enhance air-cooled heat exchanger performanceShastri, S.S. ; Karimi, I.A. ; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Yap, C. 
Sep-2006Enhanced IMC for glucose control in type I diabetics using a detailed physiological modelRamprasad, Y.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Lakshminarayanan, S.