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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2012A Review of Plantwide Control Methodologies and ApplicationsVasudevan, S.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Feb-2006A simple and effective procedure for control degrees of freedomMurthy Konda, N.V.S.N.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Krishnaswamy, P.R. 
5-Jan-2009A simplified procedure for quick design of dividing-wall columns for industrial applicationsRangaiah, G.P. ; Ooi, E.L.; Premkumar, R.
Jul-2007A study of differential evolution and tabu search for benchmark, phase equilibrium and phase stability problemsSrinivas, M.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Oct-2002A study of equation-solving and gibbs free energy minimization methods for phase equilibrium calculationsTeh, Y.S.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Oct-2007A study of finding many desirable solutions in multiobjective optimization of chemical processesTarafder, A. ; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Ray, A.K. 
Nov-1999A time delay compensation strategy for uncertain single-input single- output nonlinear processesHu, Q.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
May-1999Adaptive internal model control of nonlinear processesQiuping, H.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
15-Apr-2009Advanced control strategies for the regulation of hypnosis with propofolYelneedi, S.; Samavedham, L. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Sep-1997An adaptive internal model control strategy for pH neutralizationLakshmi Narayanan, N.R.; Krishnaswamy, P.R. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
10-Feb-2012An efficient constraint handling method with integrated differential evolution for numerical and engineering optimizationZhang, H.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
1993An experimental study of oxygen evolution and mass transfer at microelectrodesWu, W.S. ; Rangaiah, G.P. 
3-Sep-2013An improved multi-objective differential evolution with a termination criterion for optimizing chemical processesSharma, S.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
2006An integrated stochastic method for global optimization of continuous functionsSrinivas, M.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
May-2000Anti-windup schemes for uncertain nonlinear systemsHu, Q.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
2009Application and evaluation of three methodologies for plantwide control of the styrene monomer plantVasudevan, S.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Konda, N.V.S.N.M.; Tay, W.H.
15-Jan-2003Application of a plant-wide control design to the HDA processQiu, Q.F.; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Krishnaswamy, P.R. 
Apr-1990Application of time domain curve-fitting to parameter estimation in RTD modelsRangaiah, G.P. ; Krishnaswamy, P.R. 
25-Feb-2013Assessment of capabilities and limitations of stochastic global optimization methods for modeling mean activity coefficients of ionic liquidsBonilla-Petriciolet, A.; Fateen, S.E.K.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Aug-2005Attainment of PI achievable performance for linear SISO processes with deadtime by iterative tuningGoradia, D.B.; Lakshminarayanan, S. ; Rangaiah, G.P.