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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Spreadsheet error correction using an activity framework and a cognitive fit perspectiveGoswami, S.; Chan, H.C. ; Kim, H.W.
2000Strategies and visualization tools for enhancing user auditing of spreadsheet modelsChan, H.C. ; Ying, C.; Peh, C.B.
2005Student involvement with online forum and its effects on intention to seek and intention to share: An exploratory studySantosa, P.I. ; Wei, K.K.; Chan, H.C. 
Jun-1998Support for mobile communications planningChan, H.C. ; Lee, S.L.
2008The effect of background music-induced arousal on online consumer search behavior: Evaluating search performance and experienceXu, L.; Koh, C.H. ; Chan, H.C. 
2008The effect of distractions on online consumer satsifactionTan, B.C.C.; Ng, E.H.; Chan, H.C. 
2006The effects of goal orientations on knowledge sourcing, knowledge management system usage, and learning outcomeLin, J.; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.
2011The influence of sociotechnological mechanisms on individual motivation toward knowledge contribution in problem-solving virtual communitiesYu, J.; Jiang, Z. ; Chan, H.C. 
2012The moderating effects of utilitarian and hedonic values on information technology continuanceXu, L.; Lin, J.; Chan, H.C. 
2009The perception and intention to adopt female-focused healthcare applications (FHA): A comparison between healthcare workers and non-healthcare workersLishan, X. ; Chiuan, Y.C.; Choolani, M. ; Chuan, C.H. 
2008The role of visualization tools in spreadsheet error correction from a cognitive fit perspectiveGoswami, S.; Chan, H.C. ; Kim, H.W. 
1999Three important determinants of user performance for database retrievalChan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. 
5-Aug-2019Touching Products Virtually: Facilitating Consumer Mental Imagery with Gesture Control and Visual PresentationYang (Alison) Liu ; Zhenhui (Jack) Jiang; Hock Chuan Chan 
2006Understanding competing application usage with the theory of planned behaviorLin, J. ; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.
2011Understanding competing web application platforms: An extended theory of planned behavior and its relative modelLin, J.; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.
2013Understanding consumer decision making for complex choices: The effects of individual and contextual factorsShen, Y.; Sun, H.; Chan, H.C. 
2009Understanding the beliefs and intentions in search and purchase functions in an e-commerce web siteLin, J.; Chan, H.C. 
2010Understanding the influence of social identity on social support seeking behaviors in virtual healthcare communityLiu, N. ; Chan, H.C. 
2008Understanding users' continuance of facebook: The role of general and specific computer self-efficacyWang, D. ; Xu, L.; Chan, H.C. 
2007User database interaction: An objective abstraction level theoryChan, H.C.