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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1994Building a database feedback systemWei, K.K. ; Chan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
1993CASE. The vehicle for effective data utilizationChan, Hock Chuan 
1998Collaborative requirements engineering: An overview and a proposed integrated modelAng, Daniel; Lim, Lai-Huat ; Chan, Hock-Chuan 
2011Conceptualizing and testing a social cognitive model of the digital divideWei, K.-K.; Teo, H.-H. ; Chan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2001Critical success factors for on-line course resourcesBenson Soong, M.H.; Chuan Chan, H. ; Chai Chua, B.; Fong Loh, K.
2009Decision-maker mindfulness in it adoption: The role of informed culture and individual personalityGoswami, S.; Teo, H.H. ; Chan, H.C. 
1995Development of a GOMS model of database retrievalChan, H.C. ; Koh, C.G. ; Wei, K.K. 
Mar-1996Effect of grading schemes on outcomes in query writing experimentsChan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K. 
2004Effects of query complexity and learning on novice user query performance with conceptual and logical database interfacesSiau, K.L.; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.
2008Empirical comparison of image retrieval color similarity methods with human judgmentChan, H.C. 
2003Evaluating information accessibility and community adaptivity features for sustaining virtual learning communitiesTeo, H.-H. ; Chan, H.-C. ; Wei, K.-K.; Zhang, Z.
2007Evaluating the boundary conditions of the technology acceptance model: An exploratory investigationChan, H.C. ; Teo, H.-H. 
1995Evaluation of query languages with software science metricsHock Chuan, Chan ; Lin, Lim; Liuh Ping, Lim; Vee Lian, Loh
Apr-2013Exploring the antecedents to learning continuance in virtual worlds: A balanced thinking-feeling and social-constructivism perspectiveLiu, N. ; Yang, X.; Chan, H.C. 
23-Aug-2016Factors associated with mobile health information seeking among Singaporean womenLeanne Chang ; Ching Chiuan Yen ; Lishan Xue ; Bee Choo Tai ; Hock Chuan Chan ; Henry Been-Lirn Duh ; Mahesh Choolani 
2004Human factors in color-based image retrieval: An empirical study on size estimate accuraciesChan, H.C. ; Wang, Y. 
2006Information systems citation patterns from international conference on information systems articlesChan, H.C. ; Kim, H.-W. ; Tan, W.C.
2006Intranets and organizational learning: Impact of metadata filters on information quality, user satisfaction and intention to useGoswami, S.; Chan, H.C. ; Chua, A.L.
2006Introduction to the special issue on communication issues in user-database interactionChan, H.-C. ; Siau, K.
2007Knowledge contribution in problem solving virtual communities: The mediating role of individual motivationsYu, J. ; Jiang, Z. ; Chan, H.C.