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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Industrial real estate investment: Does the contrarian strategy work?Addae-Dapaah, K. ; Webb, J.R.; Ho, K.H.D. ; Tan, Y.F.
2007International Real Estate: Asia's Potential from a Research PerspectiveDavid Ho Kim Hin 
2007Modeling the structure of CV formation and expectations: The commercial retail real estate sectorHo, K.H. 
2007Office price index lagging in Singapore and Hong KongHui, E.C.M.; Yu, K.H.; Ho, D.K.H. 
2006Planned urban industrialization and its effect on urban industrial real estate valuation: The Singapore experienceMing, Y.S. ; Hin, H.K. 
2008Public housing policy: The gradual privatization of the HDB (Housing and Development Board) mortgage loanHo, D.K.H. ; Hui, E.C.M.
2014Real estate market cyclical dynamics: The prime office sectors of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong KongHo, K.H.D. ; Addae-Dapaah, K.
2005Regime changes in international securitized property marketsLiow, K.H. ; Zhu, H.; Ho, D.K. ; Addae-Dapaah, K. 
2006Risk management in large physical infrastructure investments: The context of seaport infrastructure development and investmentHo, M.W.; Ho, K.H. 
14-May-2019Risk-Return Behavior of Real Estate Mezzanine Investment (REMI) – The Singapore Experience.HO, Kim Hin David ; HE, Yun Fan
2008Structural dynamics in the policy planning of large infrastructure investment under the competitive environment: Context of port throughput and capacityHo, K.H.D. ; Ho, M.W.; Hui, C.M.E.
2006Structural prepayment risk behavior of the underlying mortgages for residential mortgage life insurance in a developing market(David) Ho, K.H. ; Su, H.
2007The cyclical association of residential housing price and consumptionSun, J.; Sim, L.L. ; Hin, K.; Ho, D. 
1997The greening of Singapore's national estateHin, D.H.K. ; Chong, R.T.Y. ; Wai, T.K. ; Briffett, C. 
26-May-2019Town Councils – The Singapore Experience.HO, Kim Hin David ; LAI, Bin An