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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006"Back-seat driver": Spatial sound for vehicular way-finding and situation awarenessCohen, M.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Nagai, T.; Shimizu, K.
2007Blog wall: Displaying artistic and poetic messages on public displays via SMSCheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Wijesena, J.P. ; Mustafa, A.-U.-R.; Barthoff, A.-K.; Tosa, N.
2007Blogwall: Personal and poetic expressionsFernando, O.N.N. ; Wijesena, J.P. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Liu, W. ; Tosa, N.
2010BlogWall: Promoting social communication through mobile technology in Sri LankaCheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Ranasinghe, N.; Zhu, K.; Edirisinghe, C.
2012Command center: Authoring tool to supervise augmented reality sessionTache, R. ; Abeykoon, H.A.; Karunanayaka, K.T.; Kumarasinghe, J.P.; Roth, G.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Cheok, A.D. 
Jul-2011Connected online and offline safe social networking for childrenAbeyrathne, D.; Edirisinghe, C.; Ranasinghe, N.; Karunanayaka, K.; Zhu, K.; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Lan, L.; Morisawa, Y.
2011D Markers: Ubiquitous dynamic makers for augmented realityPeiris, R.L.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Bee, C.S.; Cheok, A.D. ; Ganesan, A.G.; Kumarasinghe, P.
Mar-2013Designing interactive paper-craft systems with selective inductive power transmissionZhu, K.; Nii, H. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Koh, J.T.K.V.; Aue, K.; Cheok, A.D. 
2011Digital taste for remote multisensory interactionsRanasinghe, N.; Cheok, A.D. ; Nii, H. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Ponnampalam, G.
2011Digital taste interfaceRanasinghe, N.; Cheok, A.D. ; Nii, H. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Ponnampalam, G.
2011Digital taste: Electronic stimulation of taste sensationsRanasinghe, N.; Cheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Nii, H. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P.
2011E-letter: A paper-based instant messaging system using selective wireless power transferZhu, K.; Nii, H. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Cheok, A.D. 
2011Electronic taste stimulationRanasinghe, N.; Cheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Nii, H. ; Ponnampalam, G.
2008Empathetic living mediaCheok, A.D. ; Kok, R.T.; Tan, C.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Merritt, T.; Sen, J.Y.P.
2009Energy and touch-information for body-worn ubiquitous computingCheok, A.D. ; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, C.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Tat, K.E.
2011Flexible, non-emissive textile displayPeiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Cheok, A.D. 
2010Food internet communicationAbeyrathne, D.; Peiris, R.L. ; Ranasinghe, N.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Zun, T.G.; Ying, S.; Tomoharu, Y.; Kamata, M.; Kato, D.; Yamada, K.
2009Huggy pajama: A parent and child hugging communication systemTeh, J.K.S.; Cheok, A.D.; Choi, Y.; Fernando, C.L.; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. 
Aug-2012Kawaii/Cute interactive mediaCheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. 
2011Low cost infant monitoring and communication systemSaadatian, E.; Iyer, S.P.; Chen, L.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Hideaki, N. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Madurapperuma, A.P. ; Ponnampalam, G.; Amin, Z.