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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Design and characterization of a polyamine derivative inhibiting the expression of type III secretion system in Pseudomonas aeruginosaWang, C; Liu, X; Wang, J; Zhou, J; Cui, Z; Zhang, L.-H 
Dec-2009Differential modulation of Burkholderia cenocepacia virulence and energy metabolism by the quorum-sensing signal BDSF and its synthaseDeng, Y.; Boon, C.; Eberl, L.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2014Diffusible signal factor (DSF) quorum sensing signal and structurally related molecules enhance the antimicrobial efficacy of antibiotics against some bacterial pathogensDeng, Y; Lim, A; Lee, J; Chen, S; An, S; Dong, Y.-H; Zhang, L.-H 
1-Jan-2003Expression, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of isomaltulose synthase (PalI) from Klebsiella sp. LX3Li, N. ; Zhang, D.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Swaminathan, K. 
2-Apr-2002Genetic control of quorum-sensing signal turnover in Agrobacterium tumefaciensZhang, H.-B.; Wang, L.-H. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
2-Apr-2002Genetic control of quorum-sensing signal turnover in Agrobacterium tumefaciensZhang, H.-B.; Wang, L.-H. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
2016Genetic modulation of c-di-GMP turnover affects multiple virulence traits and bacterial virulence in rice pathogen Dickeya zeaeChen Y.; Lv M.; Liao L.; Gu Y.; Liang Z.; Shi Z.; Liu S.; Zhou J.; Zhang L. 
2016Genomic analysis of phylotype I strain EP1 reveals substantial divergence from other strains in the Ralstonia solanacearum species complexLi, P; Wang, D; Yan, J; Zhou, J; Deng, Y; Jiang, Z; Cao, B; He, Z; Zhang, L 
1-Feb-2003Identification of the essential histidine residue for high-affinity binding of AlbA protein to albicidin antibioticsWeng, L.-X.; Xu, J.-L.; Li, Q.; Birch, R.G.; Zhang, L.-H. 
Feb-2004Insecticidal Bacillus thuringiensis Silences Erwinia carotovora Virulence by a New Form of Microbial Antagonism, Signal InterferenceDong, Y.-H.; Zhang, X.-F.; Xu, J.-L.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2003Isomaltulose synthase (PalI) of Klebsiella sp. LX3: Crystal structure and implication of mechanismZhang, D. ; Li, N.; Lok, S.-M.; Swaminathan, K. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
Nov-2004Klebsiella singaporensis sp. nov., a novel isomaltulose-producing bacteriumLi, X.; Zhang, D.; Chen, F.; Ma, J.; Dong, Y.; Zhang, L. 
2015Mitogen-activated protein kinases are associated with the regulation of physiological traits and virulence in Fusarium oxysporum f. Sp. CubenseDing Z.; Li M.; Sun F.; Xi P.; Sun L.; Zhang L. ; Jiang Z.
12-Dec-2007Modulation of bacterial type III secretion system by a spermidine transporter dependent signaling pathwayZhou, L.; Wang, J.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2017Modulation of inter-kingdom communication by PhcBSR quorum sensing system in Ralstonia solanacearum phylotype I strain GMI1000Li, P; Yin, W; Yan, J; Chen, Y; Fu, S; Song, S; Zhou, J; Lyu, M; Deng, Y; Zhang, L.-H 
Dec-2010Modulation of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dispersal by a cyclic-di-gmp phosphodiesterase with a putative hypoxia-sensing domainAn, S.; Wu, J.; Zhang, L.-H. 
Mar-2005Molecular and conformational basis of a specific and high-affinity interaction between AlbA and albicidin phytotoxinWeng, L.-X.; Wang, L.-H.; Xu, J.-L.; Wu, J.-E.; Li, Q.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2013Monooxygenase, a Novel Beta-Cypermethrin Degrading Enzyme from Streptomyces spChen S.; Lin Q.; Xiao Y.; Deng Y.; Chang C.; Zhong G.; Hu M.; Zhang L.-H. 
Nov-2004MorA defines a new class of regulators affecting flagellar development and biofilm formation in diverse Pseudomonas speciesChoy, W.-K.; Zhou, L.; Syn, C.K.-C.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Swarup, S. 
2016A novel nematode effector suppresses plant immunity by activating host reactive oxygen species-scavenging systemLin, B; Zhuo, K; Chen, S; Hu, L; Sun, L; Wang, X; Zhang, L.-H ; Liao, J