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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Structural and functional characterization of diffusible signal factor family quorum-sensing signals produced by members of the burkholderia cepacia complexDeng, Y.; Wu, J.; Eberl, L.; Zhang, L.-H. 
9-Mar-2012Structural basis of substrate binding specificity revealed by the crystal structures of polyamine receptors SpuD and SpuE from pseudomonas aeruginosaWu, D.; Lim, S.C.; Dong, Y.; Wu, J.; Tao, F.; Zhou, L.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Song, H.
Sep-2010Structural basis of the sensor-synthase interaction in autoinduction of the quorum sensing signal DSF biosynthesisCheng, Z.; He, Y.-W.; Lim, S.C.; Qamra, R.; Walsh, M.A.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Song, H.
Oct-2006Succinic semialdehyde couples stress response to quorum-sensing signal decay in Agrobacterium tumefaciensWang, C.; Zhang, H.-B.; Wang, L.-H.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2017Sumalactones A-D, four new curvularin-type macrolides from a marine deep sea fungus: Penicillium SumatrenseWu, Y.-H; Zhang, Z.-H; Zhong, Y; Huang, J.-J; Li, X.-X; Jiang, J.-Y; Deng, Y.-Y; Zhang, L.-H ; He, F
2012The AHL- and BDSF-Dependent Quorum Sensing Systems Control Specific and Overlapping Sets of Genes in Burkholderia cenocepacia H111Schmid N.; Pessi G.; Deng Y.; Aguilar C.; Carlier A.L.; Grunau A.; Omasits U.; Zhang L.-H. ; Ahrens C.H.; Eberl L.
2015The complete genome sequence of Dickeya zeae EC1 reveals substantial divergence from other Dickeya strains and speciesZhou, J; Cheng, Y; Lv, M; Liao, L; Chen, Y; Gu, Y; Liu, S; Jiang, Z; Xiong, Y; Zhang, L 
2010The cyclic nucleotide monophosphate domain of Xanthomonas campestris global regulator Clp defines a new class of cyclic di-GMP effectorsTao, F. ; He, Y.-W.; Wu, D.-H.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Swarup, S. 
Feb-2010The cyclic nucleotide monophosphate domain of Xanthomonas campestris global regulator Clp defines a new class of cyclic di-GMP effectorsTao, F.; He, Y.-W.; Wu, D.-H.; Swarup, S. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
2013The global regulator Crc plays a multifaceted role in modulation of type III secretion system in Pseudomonas aeruginosaDong, Y.-H; Zhang, X.-F; Zhang, L.-H 
2014The hierarchy quorum sensing network in Pseudomonas aeruginosaLee, J; Zhang, L 
Jun-2004The quormone degredation system of Agrobacterium tumefaciens is regulated by starvation signal and stress alarmone (p)ppGppZhang, H.-B.; Wang, C.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2016Transcriptome analysis of Sporisorium scitamineum reveals critical environmental signals for fungal sexual mating and filamentous growthYan, M; Dai, W; Cai, E; Deng, Y.Z; Chang, C; Jiang, Z; Zhang, L.-H 
2005Transition to quorum sensing in an Agrobacterium population: A stochastic modelGoryachev A.B. ; Toh D.-J.; Wee K.B.; Lee T. ; Zhang H.-B.; Zhang L.-H. 
Oct-2003Utilization of Acyl-Homoserine Lactone Quorum Signals for Growth by a Soil Pseudomonad and Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1Huang, J.J.; Han, J.-I.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Leadbetter, J.R.
Apr-2007Xanthomonas campestris cell-cell communication involves a putative nucleotide receptor protein Clp and a hierarchical signalling networkHe, Y.-W.; Ng, A.Y.-J.; Xu, M.; Lin, K.; Wang, L.-H.; Dong, Y.-H.; Zhang, L.-H.