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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A new class of solid state ionic conductors for application in all solid state dye sensitized solar cellsMidya, A. ; Xie, Z. ; Yang, J.-X. ; Chen, Z.-K.; Blackwood, D.J. ; Wang, J. ; Adams, S. ; Loh, K.P. 
15-Feb-2012A reliable TiO 2 nanotube membrane transfer method and its application in photovoltaic devicesLi, K.-L.; Xie, Z.-B. ; Adams, S. 
2010AC conductivity and mobile transport pathways in 0.45Li2O-(0-55- x)P2O5-xB2O3 glassesTho, T.D.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
Oct-2010AC conductivity studies and relaxation behaviour in (LiX) y[(Li) 2O) 0.6(P) 2O) 5) 0.4] (1-y) glassesTho, T.D.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
Jul-2012Accurate poly(3-hexylthiophene) forcefield from first-principle modelingTo, T.T.; Adams, S. 
2015All-solid-state MoS<inf>2</inf>/Li<inf>6</inf>PS<inf>5</inf>Br/In-Li batteries as a novel type of Li/S batteryChen Maohua ; Yin Xuesong ; Reddy M V Venkatashamy ; Adams Stefan 
13-Sep-2006Bond valence analysis of structure-property relationships in solid electrolytesAdams, S. 
2011Bond-valence based computational design of high performance lithium ion battery cathode materialsAdams, S. 
28-Oct-2008Charge transport by polyatomic anion diffusion in Sc2(WO 4)3Zhou, Y.; Adams, S. ; Rao, R.P. ; Edwards, D.D.; Neiman, A.; Pestereva, N.
2006Comparative study of ion conducting pathways in borate glassesHall, A.; Adams, S. ; Swenson, J.
2007Comparison of ion sites and diffusion paths in glasses obtained by molecular dynamics simulations and bond valence analysisMüller, C.; Zienicke, E.; Adams, S. ; Habasaki, J.; Maass, P.
29-Nov-2005Concerning the structure of hydrogen molybdenum bronze phase III. A combined theoretical-experimental studyBraïda, B.; Adams, S. ; Canadell, E.
Jun-2007Crystal structure of a superionic conductor, Li7P3S11Yamane, H.; Shibata, M.; Shimane, Y.; Junke, T.; Seino, Y.; Adams, S. ; Minami, K.; Hayashi, A.; Tatsumisago, M.
2011Design of (thio) phosphates for high performance lithium ion batteriesAdams, S. ; Prasada Rao, R. 
2007Dynamic pathway models for ion transport in nanostructured heterolayersAdams, S. ; Esther, S.T.
2015Effects of penta-and trivalent dopants on structure and conductivity of Li7La3Zr2O12Gu, Wenyi ; Ezbiri, Miriam; Prasada Rao ; Avdeev, Maxim; Adams, Stefan N 
2011Electrochemical performance of anodized TiO 2 nanotubes for rechargeable lithium batteriesPrasada Rao, R. ; Kangle, L.; Adams, S. ; Reddy, M.V. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Nov-2006Energy landscapes for mobile ions in ion conducting solidsAdams, S. 
2015Evaluation of undoped and M-doped TiO2, where M = Sn, Fe, Ni/Nb, Zr, V, and Mn, for lithium-ion battery applications prepared by the molten-salt methodReddy, M V Venkatashamy ; Sharma, Neeraj; Adams, Stefan N ; Rao, Rayavarapu Prasada ; Peterson, Vanessa K; Chowdari, Bobba V R 
2012Fabrication of TiO 2CuSCN bulk heterojunctions by profile-controlled electrodepositionSun, L.; Huang, Y.; Anower Hossain, M.; Li, K.; Adams, S. ; Wang, Q.