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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2002A novel miniaturized microstrip bandpass filter using a meander-line resonatorQing, X.M. ; Chia, Y.W.M. ; Sun, J. 
2000Active patch antenna for digital TV receiverLi, B.; Xu, L.; Chia, Y.W.M. ; Sun, J.; Chen, Z.N. 
Aug-2002Annular planar monopole antennasChen, Z.N. ; Ammann, M.J.; Chia, M.Y.W. ; See, T.S.P.
1998Backscattering by a finite array on finite dielectric substrateHuang, X.J. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
1997Backscattering characteristics of finite narrow rectangular loop arrayAu, Tsien Ming ; Chia, Yan Wah Michael ; Leong, Mook-Seng 
Feb-2003Broad-band suspended probe-fed plate antenna with low cross-polarization levelsChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2002Broadband annular dual-slot antenna for WLAN applicationsQing, X. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
22-Jul-1999Broadband circularly polarised slot loop antenna fed by three-stub hybrid couplerQing, X.M. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
5-Nov-2000Broadband monopole antenna with parasitic planar elementChen, Z.N. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
Oct-2001Broadband planar inverted-L antennasChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
13-Nov-2001Broadband plate antennaCHEN, ZHI NING ; CHIA, MICHAEL YAN WAH 
2000Broadband probe-fed L-shaped plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
30-Mar-2000Broadband probe-fed notched plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2000Broadband probe-fed plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2000Broadband rectangular slotted plate antennaChen, Zhi Ning ; Chia, Michael Y.W. 
20-Mar-2003Broadband square annular planar monopolesChen, Z.N. ; Ammann, M.J.; Chia, M.Y.W. 
Feb-2001Broadband suspended plate antenna with probe-fed stripChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
1999Characterization of propagation channel in the presence of an imperfect semi-infinite half-plane using asymptotic path integral and ray tracing techniquesOng, L.C. ; Soma, P. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
2001Chassis influence on the input impedance and SAR characteristics of handset antennasDou, W. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
9-Dec-1999Circularly polarized circular ring slot antenna fed by stripline hybrid couplerQing, X.M. ; Chia, Y.W.M.