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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Force-dependent cell signaling in stem cell differentiationYim, E.K.F. ; Sheetz, M.P. 
Aug-2012Functional reconstruction of corneal endothelium using nanotopography for tissue-engineering applicationsTeo, B.K.K.; Goh, K.J.; Ng, Z.J. ; Koo, S.; Yim, E.K.F. 
Jul-2013High throughput screening to investigate the interaction of stem cells with their extracellular microenvironmentAnkam, S.; Teo, B.K.K.; Kukumberg, M.; Yim, E.K.F. 
Sep-2011Human corneal keratocyte response to micro-and nano-gratings on chitosan and PDMSKoo, S.; Ahn, S.J. ; Zhang, H.; Wang, J.C.; Yim, E.K.F. 
2011Incorporation of gelatin into chemically-cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogels for endothelial cell cultureIno, J.; Sju, E.; Yim, E. ; Letourneur, D.; Le Visage, C.
2010Micro- and nano-topography as biomechanical cues for cornea regenerationYim, E.K. ; Ng, Z.J. ; Teo, K.K.; Ang, S.J.
2014Micro- and nanotopography with extracellular matrix coating modulate human corneal endothelial cell behaviorKoo, S.; Muhammad, R.; Peh, G.S.L.; Mehta, J.S. ; Yim, E.K.F. 
8-Oct-2012Microarray with micro- and nano-topographies enables identification of the optimal topography for directing the differentiation of primary murine neural progenitor cellsMoe, A.A.K. ; Suryana, M. ; Marcy, G. ; Lim, S.K. ; Ankam, S.; Goh, J.Z.W.; Jin, J.; Teo, B.K.K.; Law, J.B.K.; Low, H.Y.; Goh, E.L.K. ; Sheetz, M.P. ; Yim, E.K.F. 
1-Jul-2017Microlens topography combined with vascular endothelial growth factor induces endothelial differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into vasculogenic progenitorsKukumberg M.; Yao J.Y.; Neo D.J.H.; Yim E.K.F. 
2009Nano-Patterned Poly-ε-caprolactone with Controlled Release of Retinoic Acid and Nerve Growth Factor for Neuronal RegenerationTeo, K.K.; Yim, E.K.F. 
25-Jun-2013Nanotopography modulates mechanotransduction of stem cells and induces differentiation through focal adhesion kinaseTeo, B.K.K.; Wong, S.T.; Lim, C.K.; Kung, T.Y.S.; Yap, C.H. ; Ramagopal, Y.; Romer, L.H.; Yim, E.K.F. 
2010Nanotopography/Mechanical Induction of Stem-Cell DifferentiationTeo, B.K.K.; Ankam, S.; Chan, L.Y.; Yim, E.K.F. 
1-Feb-2013Normalized median fluorescence: An alternative flow cytometry analysis method for tracking human embryonic stem cell states during differentiationChan, L.Y.; Yim, E.K.F. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE 
2018Sequential Application of Discrete Topographical Patterns Enhances Derivation of Functional Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsTan K.K.B. ; Lim W.W.M. ; Chai C.; Kukumberg M. ; Lim K.L. ; Goh E.L.K. ; Yim E.K.F. 
1-Mar-2017Sequentially-crosslinked bioactive hydrogels as nano-patterned substrates with customizable stiffness and degradation for corneal tissue engineering applicationsRizwan M.; Peh G.S.L.; Ang H.-P.; Lwin N.C.; Adnan K.; Mehta J.S.; Tan W.S.; Yim E.K.F. 
Jan-2013Substrate topography and size determine the fate of human embryonic stem cells to neuronal or glial lineageAnkam, S.; Suryana, M. ; Chan, L.Y.; Moe, A.A.K. ; Teo, B.K.K.; Law, J.B.K.; Sheetz, M.P. ; Low, H.Y.; Yim, E.K.F. 
Jan-2013Temporal application of topography to increase the rate of neural differentiation from human pluripotent stem cellsChan, L.Y.; Birch, W.R.; Yim, E.K.F. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE 
Dec-2011The effect of micro and nanotopography on endocytosis in drug and gene delivery systemsTeo, B.K.K.; Goh, S.-H.; Kustandi, T.S.; Loh, W.W.; Low, H.Y.; Yim, E.K.F.