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Jul-2008A comparative molecular force spectroscopy study of homophilic JAM-A interactions and JAM-A interactions with reovirus attachment protein σ1Vedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, T.S.; Kirchner, E.; Guglielmi, K.M.; Dermody, T.S.; Stehle, T.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
8-May-2007Cell adhesion properties on-photochemically functionalized diamondChong, K.F.; Loh, K.P. ; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, C.T. ; Sternschulte, H.; Steinmüller, D.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Zhong, Y.L.
1-Nov-2013Collective cell migration: A mechanistic perspectiveVedula, S.R.K. ; Ravasio, A.; Lim, C.T. ; Ladou, B.
7-Aug-2012Emerging modes of collective cell migration induced by geometrical constraintsVedula, S.R.K. ; Leong, M.C.; Lai, T.L.; Hersen, P.; Kabla, A.J.; Lim, C.T. ; Ladoux, B.
1-May-2012Evidence of a large-scale mechanosensing mechanism for cellular adaptation to substrate stiffnessTrichet, L.; Le Digabel, J.; Hawkins, R.J.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Gupta, M.; Ribrault, C.; Hersen, P.; Voituriez, R.; Ladoux, B.
Sep-2006Experimental techniques for single cell and single molecule biomechanicsLim, C.T. ; Zhou, E.H.; Li, A. ; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Fu, H.X. 
Mar-2013Geometrical constraints and physical crowding direct collective migration of fibroblastsLeong, M.C.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, C.T. ; Ladoux, B.
Aug-2013Guidance of collective cell migration by substrate geometry.Doxzen, K.; Vedula, S.R. ; Leong, M.C.; Hirata, H. ; Gov, N.S.; Kabla, A.J.; Ladoux, B. ; Lim, C.T. 
2-Mar-2010Investigation of the binding preference of reovirus σ1 for junctional adhesion molecule a by classical and steered molecular dynamicsZhang, B.; Lim, T.S.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Li, A. ; Lim, C.T. ; Tan, V.B.C. 
5-Sep-2008Kinetics of Adhesion Mediated by Extracellular Loops of Claudin-2 as Revealed by Single-Molecule Force SpectroscopyLim, T.S.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
Sep-2008Mechanistic insights into the physiological functions of cell adhesion proteins using single molecule force spectroscopyVedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, T.S.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
2014Microfabricated Environments to Study Collective Cell BehaviorsVedula, S.R.K. ; Ravasio, A.; Anon, E.; Chen, T.; Peyret, G.; Ashraf, M.; Ladoux, B.
11-Dec-2012Microfabricated Technologies for Cell Mechanics StudiesVedula, S.R.K. ; Leong, M.C.; Lim, C.T. 
Dec-2011Microfluidics for applications in cell mechanics and mechanobiologyHou, H.W.; Lee, W.C.; Leong, M.C.; Sonam, S.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, C.T. 
3-Nov-2007Molecular force spectroscopy of homophilic nectin-1 interactionsVedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, T.S.; Hui, S.; Kausalya, P.J.; Lane, E.B.; Rajagopal, G.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
15-Aug-2008Probing effects of pH change on dynamic response of Claudin-2 mediated adhesion using single molecule force spectroscopyLim, T.S.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Hui, S.; Kausalya, P.J.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
2009Quantifying forces mediated by integral tight junction proteins in cell-cell adhesionVedula, S.R.K. ; Lim, T.S.; Kausalya, P.J.; Lane, E.B.; Rajagopal, G.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T. 
15-Jan-2008Single-molecular-level study of claudin-1-mediated adhesionLim, T.S.; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Kausalya, P.J.; Hunziker, W.; Lim, C.T.