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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Global and national factors affecting e-commerce diffusion in SingaporeWong, P.-K. 
2002Globalisation of US, European and Japanese production networks and the growth of Singapore's electronics industryWong, P.-K. 
2014Harnessing internal and external resources for innovation in emerging economiesLi, J.; Zhang, S.; Wong, P.K. ; Fu, X.
2005Human and social capital explanations for R&amp;D outcomesLee, S.-H.; Wong, P.-K. ; Chong, C.-L. 
Feb-2005Human and social capital explanations for R&D outcomesLee, S.-H.; Wong, P.-K. ; Chong, C.-L. 
2002ICT production and diffusion in Asia. Digital dividends or digital divide?Wong, P.-K. 
2000Information technology (IT) investment and the role of a firm: An exploratory studyTeo, T.S.H. ; Wong, P.K. ; Chia, E.H.
2007Internationalization and evolution of application areas of an emerging technology: The case of nanotechnologyWong, P.K. ; Ho, Y.P. ; Chan, C.K. 
2009Knowledge interaction with manufacturing clients and innovation of knowledge-intensive business services firmsHe, Z.-L.; Wong, P.-K. 
2007Knowledge sources of innovation in a small open economy: The case of SingaporeWong, P.-K. ; Ho, Y.-P. 
2001Leveraging multinational corporations, fostering technopreneurship: The changing role of S&amp;T policy in SingaporeWong, P.K. 
2001Leveraging multinational corporations, fostering technopreneurship: The changing role of S&T policy in SingaporeWong, P.K. 
1998Leveraging the Global Information Revolution for Economic Development: Singapore's Evolving Information Industry StrategyWong, P.-K. 
2010National university of SingaporeHo, Y.-P. ; Singh, A. ; Wong, P.-K. 
2008Networks vs. market methods in high-tech venture fundraising: The impact of institutional environmentZhang, J.; Wong, P.-K. 
2011New insight into technology licensing strategy and innovation performance: Evidence from Chinese latecomers in high-tech industriesZhao, Y.Y.; Wong, P.K. ; Subramanian, A.M. ; Hang, C.C. 
2008Occupational choice: The influence of product vs. process innovationWong, P.K. ; Lee, L. ; Foo, M.D.
1-Jan-2019Performance feedback, financial slack and the innovation behavior of firmsLu, LH; Wong, PK 
2012Reaching Out and Reaching Within: A Study of the Relationship between Innovation Collaboration and Innovation PerformanceHe, Z.-L.; Wong, P.-K. 
2004Snakes and ladders: A patent analysis of Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia in the wireless communications industry, 1980-2000He, Z.L.; Lim, K.; Wong, P.K.