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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011Plasmonic chiral contrast agents for optical coherence tomography: Numerical studyMehta, K.B.; Chen, N. 
2010Platinum microheater integrated silicon optical bench assembly for endoscopic optical coherence tomographyXu, Y.; Wang, M.F.; Premachandran, C.S.; Chen, K.W.S.; Chen, N. ; Olivo, M.
18-Aug-2008Pseudo-random single photon counting for time-resolved optical measurementZhang, Q.; Soon, H.W.; Tian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N.G. 
2011Pseudo-random single photon counting system: A high speed implementation and its applicationsZhang, Q.; Chen, N. 
2-Aug-2010Pseudo-random single photon counting: A highspeed implementationZhang, Q.; Chen, L.; Chen, N. 
2009Pseudo-random single photon counting: The principle, simulation, and experimental resultsZhang, Q.; Chen, N.G. 
2009Quantitative characterization of optical and physiological parameters in normal breasts using time-resolved spectroscopy: In vivo results of 19 Singapore womenMo, W.; Chan, T.S.S.; Chen, L.; Chen, N. 
2010Quantitative optimization of source and detector configurations in diffuse optical tomography systemChen, L.; Chen, N. 
2010Real-time focal modulation microscopyChen, N.G. ; Wong, C.H. ; Chong, S.P.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2007Real-time high resolution optical coherence microscopy with a phase shifting apodizerLiu, L.; Liu, C. ; Howe, W.C.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Chen, N. 
24-Dec-2007Reconstruction for free-space fluorescence tomography using a novel hybrid adaptive finite element algorithmSong, X.; Wang, D.; Chen, N. ; Bai, J.; Wang, H.
10-Jun-2009Simple spatial phase modulator for focal modulation microscopyWong, C.H.; Chong, S.P.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Chen, N. 
10-Jun-2009Simple spatial phase modulator for focal modulation microscopyWong, C.H.; Chong, S.P.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Chen, N. 
2008Single-lobe operation of a submicron-ridge laser arraysTeng, J.H.; Lim, E.L.; Dong, J.R.; Ang, N.; Chua, S.J.; Shanmugasundaram, K.; Chen, N. 
2009Source stabilization for high quality time-domain diffuse optical tomographyMo, W.; Chen, N. 
2017Spread spectrum time-resolved diffuse optical measurement system for enhanced sensitivity in detecting human brain activityMehta, K ; Hasnain, A ; Zhou, X; Luo, J; Penney, T.B ; Chen, N 
2006Study on potential of structured illumination microscopy utilizing digital micromirror device for endoscopy purposeWong, C.H.; Chen, N.G. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
Aug-2008Superresolution along extended depth of focus with binary-phase filters for the Gaussian beamLiu, L.; Diaz, F.; Wang, L.; Loiseaux, B.; Huignard, J.-P.; Sheppard, C.J.K. ; Chen, N. 
2012Theoretical investigation of near-infrared light path in multi-layer brain models for three DOT systemsZhou, X.; Chen, L.; Tse, C.-Y.; Penney, T.B.; Chen, N. 
1-Jul-2019Three-dimensional cellular imaging in thick biological tissue with confocal detection of one-photon fluorescence in the near-infrared II windowWang, M; Chen, N