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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Laplace-domain diffuse optical measurementHasnain A. ; Mehta K. ; Zhou X.; Li H.; Chen N. 
13-May-2010Large rotation angle micromirror based on hypocycloidal electrothermal actuatorsXu, Y.; Singh, J.; Chen, N. 
2011Line-scan focal modulation microscopy for rapid imaging of thick biological specimensChong, S.P.; Pant, S.; Chen, N. 
2011Line-scan Focal Modulation Microscopy for rapid imaging of thick biological specimensChong, S.P.; Pant, S.; Chen, N. 
2012Line-scan focal modulation microscopy for rapid imaging of thick biological tissuesPant, S.; Chong, S.P.; Chen, N. 
Mar-2005Locating inhomogeneities in tissue by using the most probable diffuse path of lightBai, J.; Gao, T.; Ying, K.; Chen, N. 
2009Measuring optical properties of normal breast tissue with time-resolved diffuse optical spectroscopyChen, N. ; Mo, W.; Chen, L.
2007MEMS based non-rotatory circumferential scanning optical probe for endoscopic optical coherence tomographyXu, Y.; Singh, J.; Jason, T.H.S.; Ramakrishna, K.; Premchandran, C.S.; Kelvin, C.W.S.; Kuan, C.T.; Chen, N. ; Olivo, M.C.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
21-May-2012Multi-contrast focal modulation microscopy for in vivo imaging of thick biological tissuesChen, N. ; Gao, G. 
2010Multistage inversion algorithm for biological tissue imagingAgarwal, K. ; Chen, L.; Chen, N. ; Chen, X. 
2007Nanoillumination based on self-focus and field enhancement inside a subwavelength metallic structureLiu, C. ; Chen, N. ; Sheppard, C. 
15-Mar-2012Non-invasive measurement of blood glucose level by time-resolved transmission spectroscopy: A feasibility studySun, M.; Chen, N. 
2008Novel 3D micromirror for miniature optical bio-probe SiOB assemblyJanak, S.; Xu, Y.; Premachandran, C.S.; Jason, T.H.S.; Chen, N. 
2007Optical coherent tomography (OCT) bio-imaging using 3D scanning micromirrorSingh, J.; Hoe, C.C.; Jason, T.H.S.; Nanguang, C. ; Premachandran, C.S.; Sheppard Jr., C. ; Olivo, M.
Mar-2011Optimization of source and detector configurations based on Cramer-Rao lower bound analysisChen, L.; Chen, N. 
1-Aug-2011Plasmonic chiral contrast agents for optical coherence tomography: Numerical studyMehta, K.B.; Chen, N. 
2010Platinum microheater integrated silicon optical bench assembly for endoscopic optical coherence tomographyXu, Y.; Wang, M.F.; Premachandran, C.S.; Chen, K.W.S.; Chen, N. ; Olivo, M.
18-Aug-2008Pseudo-random single photon counting for time-resolved optical measurementZhang, Q.; Soon, H.W.; Tian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N.G. 
2011Pseudo-random single photon counting system: A high speed implementation and its applicationsZhang, Q.; Chen, N. 
2-Aug-2010Pseudo-random single photon counting: A highspeed implementationZhang, Q.; Chen, L.; Chen, N.