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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Image formation and analysis of coherent microscopy and beyond - toward better imaging and phase recoveryKou, S.S.; Mehta, S.B.; Rehman, S. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2009Image formation in holographic microscopy and tomographySheppard, C.J.R. ; Kou, S.S.
15-Oct-2008Image formation in holographic tomographyKou, S.S.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
1-Dec-2009Image formation in holographic tomography: High-aperture imaging conditionsKou, S.S.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2010Image formation of volume holographic microscopy using point spread functionsLuo, Y.; Oh, S.B.; Kou, S.S.; Lee, J.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Barbastathis, G.
2009Improved contrast radially polarized coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy using annular aperture detectionLin, J.; Lu, F. ; Wang, H.; Zheng, W. ; Sheppard, C.J. ; Huang, Z. 
15-Jun-2007Improved expressions for performance parameters for complex filtersSheppard, C.J.R. ; Ledesma, S.; Campos, J.; Escalera, J.C.
2009Improved spatial resolution in fluorescence focal modulation microscopyGong, W. ; Si, K.; Chen, N. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
1-Oct-2009Improvements in confocal microscopy imaging using serrated divided aperturesGong, W. ; Si, K.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
1-Jan-2012Improving signal-to-noise ratio of structured light microscopy based on photon reassignmentSingh, V.R.; Choi, H.; Yew, E.Y.S.; Bhattacharya, D.; Yuan, L.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Rajapakse, J.C.; Barbastathis, G.; So, P.T.C.
2007Improving the optical contrast of backscattering signal in reflectance-based imaging with gold nanoshellsKah, J.C.Y. ; Chow, T.-H.; Olivo, M.C.; Ng, B.-K.; Gulam, R.S.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2008Influence of optical probe packaging on a 3D MEMS scanning micro-mirror for optical coherence tomography (OCT) applicationsPremachandran, C.S.; Khairyanto, A.; Chen, K.; Singh, J.; Wang, S.X.L.; Yingshun, X.; Nanguang, C. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Olivo, M.; Lau, J.
15-Mar-2008Interferometric polarization coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (IP-CARS) microscopyLu, F. ; Wei, Z. ; Sheppard, C. ; Zhiwei, H. 
16-Apr-2007Investigation of the point spread function of surface plasmon-coupled emission microscopyTang, W.T. ; Chung, E.; Kim, Y.-H.; So, P.T.C.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2006Joint distribution functions and the generalized optical transfer functionSheppard Jr., C. ; Larkin, K.G.
1-Mar-2012Limitations of superoscillation filters in microscopy applicationsHyvärinen, H.J.; Rehman, S. ; Tervo, J.; Turunen, J.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2010Linear phase recovery from DIC microscopeKoua, S.S.; Shepparda, C. 
2009Linear phase-gradient imaging with asymmetric illumination based differential phase contrast (AIDPC)Mehta, S.B.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
1-Mar-2008Localization measures for high-aperture wavefields based on pupil momentsSheppard, C.J.R. ; Alonso, M.A.; Moore, N.J.
7-Jan-2008Lommel pulses: An analytic form for localized waves of the focus wave mode type with bandlimited spectrumSheppard, C.J.R. ; Saari, P.