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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Heat pipe application for energy efficient air-conditioning in an animal care facilitySekhar, S.C. ; Chong, K.
2012High performance building design strategy to achieve resilience towards climate changeIyengar, R.S.; Cirillo, E.; Kaushik, V.; Vignesh, N.; Jayaraman, V.; Sekhar, C. 
1995Higher space temperatures and better thermal comfort - a tropical analysisSekhar, S.C. 
2015Human convective boundary layer and its interaction with room ventilation flowLicina, D.; Melikov, A.; Sekhar, C. ; Tham, K.W. 
25-Jan-2018IAQ 2016: Defining Indoor Air Quality: Policy, Standards and Best PracticesWilliam Bahnfleth; Chandra Sekhar 
2009IAQ and sustainability-a balancing actSekhar, C. 
2004Impact of airflow profile on indoor air quality - a tropical studySekhar, S.C. ; Willem, H.C. 
22-Jul-2018Implications of temperature-based and occupancy-based control of a VAV system serving multiple zonesSekhar, Sitaraman Chandra ; Anand, Prashant; Cheong, Kok Wai 
6-Dec-2016Improving the accuracy of Building Energy Simulation using real-time occupancy schedule and metered electricity consumption dataCheong Kok Wai, David ; Prashant, Anand; YANG JUNJING ; Sekhar, Chandra 
2012Individual control of a personalized ventilation system integrated with an ambient mixing ventilation systemChen, Y.; Raphael, B. ; Sekhar, S.C. 
2003Indoor air quality and energy issues of refrigerant modulating air-conditioning systems in the tropicsSekhar, S.C. ; Lim, A.H.
2003Indoor air quality and energy performance of air-conditioned office buildings in SingaporeSekhar, S.C. ; Tham, K.W. ; Cheong, K.W. 
2002Indoor air quality and thermal comfort studies of an under-floor air-conditioning system in the tropicsSekhar, S.C. ; Ching, C.S.
2002Indoor air quality comparison of two air-conditioned zones served by the same air-handling unitTham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Cheong, D. 
2003Integrated retrofitting strategy for enhanced energy efficiency in a tropical buildingSekhar, S.C. ; Phua, K.J.
2003Integrated Retrofitting Strategy for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in a Tropical BuildingSekhar, S.C. ; Phua, K.J.
15-May-2019Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS) for solar-PV-powered cooling in the tropicsLuerssen, C; Gandhi, O; Reindl, T ; Sekhar, C ; Cheong, D 
Jun-2006Local discomfort caused by draft perception in a space served by displacement ventilation system in the tropicsYu, W.J.; Cheong, K.W.D. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Tham, K.W. ; Kosonen, R.
2007Local thermal sensation and comfort study in a field environment chamber served by displacement ventilation system in the tropicsCheong, K.W.D. ; Yu, W.J.; Sekhar, S.C. ; Tham, K.W. ; Kosonen, R.
2003Measurements and computations of contaminant's distribution in an office environmentCheong, K.W.D. ; Djunaedy, E. ; Poh, T.K. ; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Wong, N.H. ; Ullah, M.B.