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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007FastFISH: Technique for ultrarapid fluorescence in situ hybridization on uncultured amniocytes yielding results within 2 h of amniocentesisChoolani, M. ; Ho, S.S.Y.; Razvi, K.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Biswas, A. ; Fisk, N.M.; Baig, S.; Mohammed, N.B.; Huoming, Z.; Gole, L.; Wong, P.C. ; Rauff, M. ; Huak, C.Y.; Tan, K.S.W. 
2011Genome sequence of the stramenopile Blastocystis, a human anaerobic parasiteDenoeud F.; Roussel M.; Noel B.; Wawrzyniak I.; Da Silva C.; Diogon M.; Viscogliosi E.; Brochier-Armanet C.; Couloux A.; Poulain J.; Segurens B.; Anthouard V.; Texier C.; Blot N.; Poirier P.; Ng G.C.; Tan K.S.W. ; Artiguenave F.; Jaillon O.; Aury J.-M.; Delbac F.; Wincker P.; Vivarès, C.P; El Alaoui H.
1-Sep-2019Hepatic spheroids used as an in vitro model to study malaria relapseChua, Adeline CY ; Ananthanarayanan, Abhishek; Ong, Jessica Jie Ying; Wong, Jen Yi; Yip, Andy; Singh, Nisha Hari; Qu, Yinghua ; Dembele, Laurent; McMillian, Michael ; Ubalee, Ratawan; Davidson, Silas; Tungtaeng, Anchalee; Imerbsin, Rawiwan; Gupta, Kapish ; Andolina, Chiara; Lee, Fan; Tan, Kevin S-W ; Nosten, Francois; Russell, Bruce ; Lange, Amber; Diagana, Thierry T ; Renia, Laurent ; Yeung, Bryan KS; Yu, Hanry ; Bifani, Pablo 
1999In vitro encystation and excystation of Blastocystis rattiChen, X.Q.; Singh, M. ; Howe, J.; Ho, L.C.; Tan, S.W. ; Yap, E.H. 
1999In vitro encystation and excystation of Blastocystis rattiChen, X.Q.; Singh, M.; Howe, J.; Ho, L.C.; Tan, S.W. ; Yap, E.H. 
11-Mar-2019Interactions between a pathogenic Blastocystis subtype and gut microbiota: in vitro and in vivo studiesYason, John Anthony ; Liang, Yi Ran; Png, Chin Wen ; Zhang, Yongliang ; Tan, Kevin Shyong Wei 
2014Interferons and interferon regulatory factors in malariaGun, Sin Yee; Claser, Carla; Tan, Kevin Shyong Wei ; Renia, Laurent Claude Stephane 
2014Intra-Subtype Variation in Enteroadhesion Accounts for Differences in Epithelial Barrier Disruption and Is Associated with Metronidazole Resistance in Blastocystis Subtype-7Wu Z.; Mirza H.; Tan K.S.W. 
2004Isolation and characterization of the mitochondrion-like organelle from Blastocystis hominisNasirudeen, A.M.A. ; Tan, K.S.W. 
2007MalariaCount: An image analysis-based program for the accurate determination of parasitemiaSio, S.W.S.; Sun, W.; Tan, S.S.; Tan, K.S.W. ; Kumar, S. ; Bin, W.Z.; Ong, S.H. ; Kikuchi, H.; Oshima, Y.
2018Membrane surface features of blastocystis subtypesYason J.A. ; Tan K.S.W. 
2004Metronidazole induces programmed cell death in the protozoan parasite Blastocystis hominisNasirudeen, A.M.A. ; Hian, Y.E. ; Singh, M. ; Tan, K.S.W. 
2015Microbial hara-kiri: Exploiting lysosomal cell death in malaria parasitesCh?ng, J.-H ; Ursing, J; Tan, K.S.-W 
2003Multiple reproductive processes in Blastocystis: Proceed with caution [2] (multiple letters)Tan, K.S.W. ; Stenzel, D.J.; Govind, S.K.; Anuar, K.A.; Smith, H.V.
2008New insights on classification, identification, and clinical relevance of Blastocystis spp.Tan, K.S.W. 
Sep-2006Observations on the internal and surface morphology of malaria infected blood cells using optical and atomic force microscopyLi, A.; Mansoor, A.H. ; Tan, K.S.W. ; Lim, C.T.
2005Plasmodium falciparum: A simplified technique for obtaining singly infected erythrocytesPuthia, M.K.; Tan, K.S.W. 
Feb-2005Plasmodium falciparum: A simplified technique for obtaining singly infected erythrocytesPuthia, M.K.; Tan, K.S.W. 
2015Plasmodium vivax: Restricted tropism and rapid remodeling of CD71-positive reticulocytesMalleret, Beno�t; Li, Ang; Zhang, Rou ; Tan, Shyong Wei Kevin ; Suwanarusk, Rossarin; Claser, Carla; Cho, Jeesun; Koh, Geok Liang Esther ; Chu, Cindy S.; Pukrittayakamee, Sasithon; Ng, Mah Lee ; Ginhoux, Florent; Ng, Laiguan; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Nosten, Fran�ois Henri; Snounou, Georges; R�nia, Laurent; Russell, Bruce M. 
2014Pleiotropic Effects of Blastocystis spp. Subtypes 4 and 7 on Ligand-Specific Toll-Like Receptor Signaling and NF-κB Activation in a Human Monocyte Cell LineTeo J.D.W.; MacAry P.A. ; Tan K.S.W.