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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Simulating EGFR-ERK signaling control by scaffold proteins KSR and MP1 reveals differential Ligand-Sensitivity Co-Regulated by CBL-CIN85 and EndophilinHuang, L.; Pan, C.Q. ; Li, B. ; Tucker-Kellogg, L. ; Tidor, B.; Chen, Y. ; Low, B.C. 
2009Simulation of crosstalk between small GTPase RhoA and EGFR-ERK signaling pathway via MEKK1Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Ma, X.H. ; Li, B.W. ; Low, B.C. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Mar-2009Simulation of DNA electrophoresis in systems of large number of solvent particles by coarse-grained hybrid molecular dynamics approachWang, R.; Wang, J.-S. ; Liu, G.-R. ; Han, J.; Chen, Y.-Z. 
25-Jun-2008Simulation of the regulation of EGFR endocytosis and EGFR-ERK signaling by endophilin-mediated RhoA-EGFR crosstalkUng, C.Y. ; Li, H. ; Ma, X.H. ; Jia, J.; Li, B.W. ; Low, B.C. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2015Soluble overexpression and purification of bioactive human CCL2 in E. coli by maltose-binding proteinPan Y.; Zheng M.; Zhong L.; Yang J.; Zhou S.; Qin Y.; Xiang R.; Chen Y. ; Yang S.-Y.
Jul-2000Spontaneous base flipping in DNA and its possible role in methyltransferase bindingChen, Y.Z. ; Mohan, V.; Griffey, R.H.
Dec-2005Statistical learning approach for predicting specific pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, or toxicological properties of pharmaceutical agentsLi, H. ; Yap, C.W. ; Xue, Y.; Li, Z.R.; Ung, C.Y. ; Han, L.Y. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jan-2006Super paramagnetic clustering of DNA sequencesRadjiman, S.; Lianyi, H. ; Jian-Sheng, W. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jun-2003Support vector machine classification of physical and biological datasetsCai, C.-Z. ; Wang, W.-L.; Chen, Y.-Z. 
Apr-2007Support vector machines approach for predicting druggable proteins: recent progress in its exploration and investigation of its usefulnessHan, L.Y. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Xie, B.; Jia, J.; Ma, X.H. ; Zhu, F. ; Lin, H.H.; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2016SVM-prot 2016: A web-server for machine learning prediction of protein functional families from sequence irrespective of similarityLi Y.H.; Xu J.Y.; Tao L.; Li X.F.; Li S.; Zeng X.; Chen S.Y.; Zhang P.; Qin C.; Zhang C.; Chen Z.; Zhu F.; Chen Y.Z. 
1-Jul-2003SVM-Prot: Web-based support vector machine software for functional classification of a protein from its primary sequenceCai, C.Z. ; Han, L.Y. ; Ji, Z.L. ; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jun-2009Synergistic therapeutic actions of herbal ingredients and their mechanisms from molecular interaction and network perspectivesMa, X.H. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Han, L.Y. ; Xie, B.; Jia, J.; Cao, Z.W.; Li, Y.X.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Apr-2012Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of some novel N-pyridinyl-2-(6- phenylimidazo[2,1-b]thiazol-3-yl)acetamide derivativesDing, H.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, C.; Xin, T.; Wang, Y.; Song, H.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. ; Xu, Y.; Tan, C.
Mar-2006Tannic acid, a potent inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinaseYang, E.B.; Wei, L.; Zhang, K.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Chen, W.N.
Jan-2012The interprotein scoring noises in glide docking scoresWang, W.; Zhou, X.; He, W.; Fan, Y.; Chen, Y. ; Chen, X.
2010The real time classification of vehicle by combination of GA, PCA and improved SVMZhang, C.; Chen, Y. ; Cao, W.
2009The research of vehicle classification using SVM and KNN in a rampZhang, C.; Chen, Y. 
Aug-2011The Therapeutic Target Database: An Internet resource for the primary targets of approved, clinical trial and experimental drugsLiu, X.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X. ; Tao, L.; Zhang, J.; Yang, S.; Wei, Y.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jan-2012Therapeutic target database update 2012: A resource for facilitating target-oriented drug discoveryZhu, F. ; Shi, Z.; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Xu, F.; Zhang, L.; Song, Y.; Liu, X.; Zhang, J.; Han, B.; Zhang, P.; Chen, Y.