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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-2006Current QSAR Techniques for ToxicologyChen, Y.Z. ; Yap, C.W. ; Li, H. 
30-Dec-2006Database of traditional Chinese medicine and its application to studies of mechanism and to prescription validationChen, X.; Zhou, H.; Liu, Y.B.; Wang, J.F.; Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Han, L.Y. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z. 
23-Nov-2012Development and experimental test of support vector machines virtual screening method for searching Src inhibitors from large compound librariesHan, B.; Ma, X. ; Zhao, R.; Zhang, J.; Wei, X.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.; Zhang, C.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
1-Aug-2011Discovery of benzimidazole derivatives as novel multi-target EGFR, VEGFR-2 and PDGFR kinase inhibitorsLi, Y.; Tan, C.; Gao, C.; Zhang, C.; Luan, X.; Chen, X.; Liu, H.; Chen, Y. ; Jiang, Y.
2018Discovery of indolylpiperazinylpyrimidines with dual-target profiles at adenosine A2A and dopamine D2 receptors for Parkinson’s disease treatmentShao Y.-M.; Ma X. ; Paira P. ; Tan A.; Herr D.R. ; Lim K.L. ; Ng C.H. ; Venkatesan G. ; Klotz K.-N.; Federico S.; Spalluto G.; Cheong S.L.; Chen Y.Z. ; Pastorin G. 
2018Discovery of the consistently well-performed analysis chain for swath-ms based pharmacoproteomic quantificationFu J.; Tang J.; Wang Y.; Cui X.; Yang Q.; Hong J.; Li X.; Li S.; Chen Y. ; Xue W.; Zhu F.
Feb-2011Dispersive transport of biomolecules in periodic energy landscapes with application to nanofilter sieving arraysLi, Z.R.; Liu, G.R. ; Hadjiconstantinou, N.G.; Han, J.; Wang, J.-S. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jan-2012Dissipative particle dynamics simulation of field-dependent DNA mobility in nanoslitsYan, K.; Chen, Y.-Z. ; Han, J.; Liu, G.-R. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Hadjiconstantinou, N.G.
Mar-2008Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of electroosmotic flow in nano-fluidic devicesDuong-Hong, D.; Wang, J.-S. ; Liu, G.R. ; Chen, Y.Z. ; Han, J.; Hadjiconstantinou, N.G.
1-Jul-2007DITOP: Drug-induced toxicity related protein databaseZhang, J.-X.; Huang, W.-J.; Zeng, J.-H.; Huang, W.-H.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, R.; Han, B.-C.; Liu, Q.-F.; Chen, Y.-Z. ; Ji, Z.-L.
2007Does drug-target have a likeness?Xu, H.; Fang, Y.; Yao, L.; Chen, Y. ; Chen, X.
Jun-2004Drug ADME-associated protein database as a resource for facilitating pharmacogenomics researchZheng, C.J. ; Sun, L.Z.; Han, L.Y. ; Ji, Z.L. ; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2003Drug adverse reaction target database (DART): Proteins related to adverse drug reactionsJi, Z.L. ; Han, L.Y. ; Yap, C.W. ; Sun, L.Z.; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
1998Drug binding to DNA: Observation of the drug-DNA hydrogen-bond-stretching modes of netropsin bound to DNA via raman spectroscopyLee, S.A.; Rupprecht, A.; Chen, Y.Z. 
2005Drug bioactivation, covalent binding to target proteins and toxicity relevanceZhou, S. ; Chan, E. ; Duan, W.; Huang, M.; Chen, Y.-Z. 
11-Jul-2012Drug discovery prospect from untapped species: Indications from approved natural product drugsZhu, F. ; Ma, X.H. ; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Shi, Z.; Zhang, C.L.; Tan, C.Y.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Jiang, Y.Y.
8-May-1998Effect of backbone ζ torsion angle on low energy single base opening in B-DNA crystal structuresChen, Y.Z. ; Mohan, V.; Griffey, R.H.
Sep-2004Effect of molecular descriptor feature selection in support vector machine classification of pharmacokinetic and toxicological properties of chemical agentsXue, Y. ; Li, Z.R.; Yap, C.W. ; Sun, L.Z.; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
Sep-2005Effect of selection of molecular descriptors on the prediction of blood-brain barrier penetrating and nonpenetrating agents by statistical learning methodsLi, H. ; Yap, C.W. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Xue, Y. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z. 
May-2011Effect of training data size and noise level on support vector machines virtual screening of genotoxic compounds from large compound librariesKumar, P.; Ma, X. ; Liu, X.; Jia, J.; Bucong, H.; Xue, Y.; Li, Z.R.; Yang, S.Y.; Wei, Y.Q.; Chen, Y.Z.