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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003Can an in silico drug-target search method be used to probe potential mechanisms of medicinal plant ingredients?Chen, X. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Chen, Y. 
2001Can an optimization/scoring procedure in ligand-protein docking be employed to probe drug-resistant mutations in proteins?Chen, Y.Z ; Gu, X.L; Cao, Z.W 
Jan-2010Cancer informatics for the clinician: An interaction database for chemotherapy regimens and antiepileptic drugsYap, K.Y.-L.; Chan, A. ; Chui, W.K. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2015CFam: A chemical families database based on iterative selection of functional seeds and seed-directed compound clusteringZhang C. ; Tao L. ; Qin C. ; Zhang P.; Chen S.; Zeng X.; Xu F.; Chen Z.; Yang S.Y.; Chen Y.Z. 
2010Classification models for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors based on machine learning methodsYang, G.-B.; Li, Z.-R.; Rao, H.-B.; Li, X.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Z. 
2009Classification models for HERG potassium channel inhibitors based on the support vector machine approachLi, P.; Tan, N.-X.; Rao, H.-B.; Li, Z.-R.; Chen, Y.-Z. 
Aug-2006Classification of a diverse set of Tetrahymena pyriformis toxicity chemical compounds from molecular descriptors by statistical learning methodsXue, Y. ; Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Yap, C.W. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
1-Nov-2002CLiBE: A database of computed ligand binding energy for ligand-receptor complexesChen, X. ; Ji, Z.L. ; Zhi, D.G.; Chen, Y.Z. 
2015Clustered Distribution of Natural Product Leads of Drugs in the Chemical Space as Influenced by the Privileged Target-SitesTao, Lin ; Zhu, Feng; Qin, Chu ; Zhang, Cheng ; Chen, Shangying; Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Cunlong; Tan, Chunyan; Gao, Chunmei; Chen, Zhe; Jiang, Yuyang; Chen, Yu Zong 
2-Aug-2011Clustered patterns of species origins of nature-derived drugs and clues for future bioprospectingZhu, F. ; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Shi, Z.; Ma, X. ; Jia, J.; Tan, Y.; Cui, C.; Lin, J.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
Feb-2012Combinatorial support vector machines approach for virtual screening of selective multi-target serotonin reuptake inhibitors from large compound librariesShi, Z.; Ma, X.H. ; Qin, C.; Jia, J.; Jiang, Y.Y.; Tan, C.Y.; Chen, Y.Z. 
2010Computational model of VEGF, thrombin and histamine signalling networkWei, X.; Chen, Y. 
2002Computer automated prediction of potential therapeutic and toxicity protein targets of bioactive compounds from Chinese medicinal plantsChen, Y.Z. ; Ung, C.Y. 
Jan-2007Computer prediction of allergen proteins from sequence-derived protein structural and physicochemical propertiesCui, J.; Han, L.Y. ; Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Tang, Z.Q.; Zheng, C.J. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jan-2007Computer prediction of cardiovascular and hematological agents by statistical learning methodsChen, X. ; Li, H. ; Yap, C.W. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Jiang, L. ; Cao, Z.W.; Li, Y.X.; Chen, Y.Z. 
1-Apr-2005Computer prediction of drug resistance mutations in proteinsCao, Z.W. ; Han, L.Y. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Ji, Z.L.; Chen, X. ; Lin, H.H.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jan-2008Continuum transport model of Ogston sieving in patterned nanofilter arrays for separation of rod-like biomoleculesLi, Z.R.; Liu, G.R. ; Chen, Y.Z. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Bow, H.; Cheng, Y.; Han, J.
Jan-2003Correlation between normal modes in the 20-200 cm-1 frequency range and localized torsion motions related to certain collective motions in proteinsCao, Z.W. ; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
7-Dec-2006Current QSAR Techniques for ToxicologyChen, Y.Z. ; Yap, C.W. ; Li, H. 
30-Dec-2006Database of traditional Chinese medicine and its application to studies of mechanism and to prescription validationChen, X.; Zhou, H.; Liu, Y.B.; Wang, J.F.; Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Han, L.Y. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z.