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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Seroprevalence of IgG antibodies against Chlamydia pneumoniae in Chinese, Malays and Asian Indians in SingaporeKoh, W.P. ; Hughes, K. ; Phoon, M.C.; Kang, K.L.; Chow, V.T.K. ; Taylor, M.B.; Chew, S.K. ; Fong, C.W.
Jul-1998Serum Ferritin and Iron Status in the General Population of Singapore, 1993 to 1995Hughes, K. 
1998Serum Ferritin and Iron Status in the General Population of Singapore, 1993 to 1995Hughes, K. ; Hughes, K. 
1998Serum Selenium in the General Population of Singapore, 1993 to 1995Ong, C.N. ; Hughes, K. ; Chua, L.H.
2007Should central obesity be an optional or essential component of the metabolic syndrome? Ischemic heart disease risk in the Singapore cardiovascular cohort studyLee, J.; Hughes, K. ; Ma, S.; Heng, D.; Chew, S.-K.; Tan, C.-E.; Tai, E.-S.; Lee, J.
1985Singapore in International comparisons of birthweight and perinatal mortalityHughes, K. 
30-Dec-2011Smallpox eradication in Bangladesh, 1972-1976Foster, S.O.; Hughes, K. ; Tarantola, D.; Glasser, J.W.
1980Smallpox surveillance in Bangladesh: II. Smallpox facial scar survey assessement of surveillance effectivenessHughes, K. ; Foster, S.O.; Tarantola, D.; Mehta, H.; Tulloch, J.L.; Joarder, A.K.
2002The effect of being overweight on cancer incidence and all-cause mortality in Asians: A prospective study in SingaporeLee, J.; Wang, H.; Chia, K.-S. ; Koh, D.; Hughes, K. ; Lee, J.
1984The scope of epidemiologyHughes, K. 
1987Trends in mortality from hypertensive and cerebrovascular diseases in Singapore, 1959 to 1983Hughes, K. 
1986Trends in mortality from ischaemic heart disease in Singapore, 1959 to 1983Hughes, K. 
2003Urinary α1-microglobulin as a marker of nephropathy in type 2 diabetic Asian subjects in SingaporeHong, C.-Y. ; Hughes, K. ; Chia, K.-S.; Ng, V.; Ling, S.-L.
1998Vitamins, selenium, iron, and coronary heart disease risk in Indians, Malays, and Chinese in SingaporeHughes, K. ; Ong, C.-N. 
2004ω-3 fatty acids and selenium as coronary heart disease risk modifying factors in Asian Indian and Chinese malesManav, M.; Su, J.; Hughes, K. ; Lee, H.P. ; Ong, C.N.