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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Data envelopment analysis of IT-enabled strategy for construction organisationsKassim, Y.; Underwood, J.; Raphael, B. 
2006Data mining for decision support in multiple-model system identificationSaitta, S.; Raphael, B. ; Smith, I.F.C.
2006Derivational analogy: Challenges and opportunitiesRaphael, B. 
2011Determination of the optimal positions of window blinds through multi-criteria searchRaphael, B. 
2011Empirical analysis of the determinants of organizational flexibility in the construction businessLim, B.T.H.; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Ibbs, C.W.; Raphael, B. ; Ofori, G. 
2010Feature selection using stochastic search: An application to system identificationSaitta, S.; Kripakaran, P.; Raphael, B. ; Smith, I.F.C.
2008Improving system identification using clusteringSaitta, S.; Kripakaran, P.; Raphael, B. ; Smith, I.F.C.
2011Improving the design process using simulations and multi-criteria decision makingTham, K.W. ; Raphael, B. ; Pantelic, J. 
2007Incremental development of CBR strategies for computing project cost probabilitiesRaphael, B. ; Domer, B.; Saitta, S.; Smith, I.F.C.
2012Individual control of a personalized ventilation system integrated with an ambient mixing ventilation systemChen, Y.; Raphael, B. ; Sekhar, S.C. 
2006KnowPrice2: Intelligent cost estimation for construction projectsDomer, B.; Raphael, B. ; Saitta, S.
2012Mathematical models for predicting organizational flexibility of construction firms in SingaporeLim, B.T.H.; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Ibbs, C.W.; Raphael, B. ; Ofori, G. 
Nov-2011Multi-criteria decision making for collaborative design optimization of buildingsRaphael, B. 
2009Promoting efficient use of visualization tools through educationRaphael, B. 
2006Tsunamis: Some pre-emptive disaster planning and management issues for consideration by the construction industryPheng, L.S. ; Raphael, B. ; Kit, W.K.