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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Tracking Dengue Virus Intra-host Genetic Diversity during Human-to-Mosquito TransmissionSim S.; Aw P.P.K.; Wilm A.; Teoh G.; Hue K.D.T.; Nguyen N.M.; Nagarajan N. ; Simmons C.P.; Hibberd M.L. 
2013Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy markerNookaew, I; Thorell, K; Worah, K; Wang, S; Hibberd, M.L ; Sjövall, H; Pettersson, S; Nielsen, J; Lundin, S.B
2013Treatment response in Kawasaki disease is associated with sialylation levels of endogenous but not therapeutic intravenous immunoglobulin GOgata S.; Shimizu C.; Franco A.; Touma R.; Kanegaye J.T.; Choudhury B.P.; Naidu N.N.; Kanda Y.; Hoang L.T.; Hibberd M.L. ; Tremoulet A.H.; Varki A.; Burns J.C.
2018Using paired serology and surveillance data to quantify dengue transmission and control during a large outbreak in FijiKucharski, A.J; Kama, M; Watson, C.H; Aubry, M; Funk, S; Henderson, A.D; Brady, O.J; Vanhomwegen, J; Manuguerra, J.-C; Lau, C.L; Edmunds, W.J; Aaskov, J; Nilles, E.J; Cao-Lormeau, V.-M; Hué, S; Hibberd, M.L 
2011Whole genome characterization of non-tissue culture adapted HRSV strains in severely infected childrenKumaria, R; Iyer, L; Hibberd, M.L ; Simes, E.A; Sugrue, R.J
2017Whole genome sequencing of an African American family highlights toll like receptor 6 variants in Kawasaki disease susceptibilityKim J.; Shimizu C.; Kingsmore S.F.; Veeraraghavan N.; Levy E.; Dos Santos A.M.R.; Yang H.; Flatley J.; Hoang L.T.; Hibberd M.L. ; Tremoulet A.H.; Harismendy O.; Ohno-Machado L.; Burns J.C.
2018Zika might not be acting alone: Using an ecological study approach to investigate potential co-acting risk factors for an unusual pattern of microcephaly in BrazilCampos M.C.; Dombrowski J.G.; Phelan J.; Marinho C.R.F.; Hibberd M. ; Clark T.G.; Campino S.