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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Genetic association and expression studies indicate a role of Toll-like receptor 8 in pulmonary tuberculosisDavila S.; Hibberd M.L. ; Dass R.H.; Wong H.E.E.; Sahiratmadja E.; Bonnard C.; Alisjahbana B.; Szeszko J.S.; Balabanova Y.; Drobniewski F.; Van Crevel R.; Van De Vosse E.; Nejentsev S.; Ottenhoff T.H.M.; Seielstad M.
2017Genetic variants of MICB and PLCE1 and associations with the laboratory features of dengueWhitehorn, J; Kien, D.T.H; Quyen, N.T.H; Wills, B; Vinh Chau, N; Tam, D.T.H; Tuan, N.M; Jaenisch, T; Hibberd, M ; Khor, C.C ; Simmons, C.P
2011Genome wide expression profiling reveals suppression of host defence responses during colonisation by neisseria meningitides but not N. lactamicaWong H.E.E.; Li M.-S.; Kroll J.S.; Hibberd M.L. ; Langford P.R.
2016Genomic approaches for understanding dengue: Insights from the virus, vector, and hostSim, S; Hibberd, M.L 
2018Global genetic diversity of var2csa in Plasmodium falciparum with implications for malaria in pregnancy and vaccine developmentBenavente, E.D; Oresegun, D.R; de Sessions, P.F; Walker, E.M; Roper, C; Dombrowski, J.G; de Souza, R.M; Marinho, C.R.F; Sutherland, C.J; Hibberd, M.L ; Mohareb, F; Baker, D.A; Clark, T.G; Campino, S
2018Human pharyngeal microbiota in age-related macular degenerationHo E.X.P.; Cheung C.M.G. ; Sim S.; Chu C.W.; Wilm A.; Lin C.B.; Mathur R.; Wong D.; Chan C.M.; Bhagarva M.; Laude A.; Lim T.H.; Wong T.Y. ; Cheng C.Y. ; Davila S.; Hibberd M. 
2018Induction of Human T-cell and Cytokine Responses Following Vaccination with a Novel Influenza VaccineSkibinski, D.A.G; Jones, L.A; Zhu, Y.O; Xue, L.W; Au, B; Lee, B; Naim, A.N.M; Lee, A; Kaliaperumal, N; Low, J.G.H; Lee, L.S ; Poidinger, M ; Saudan, P; Bachmann, M; Ooi, E.E ; Hanson, B.J ; Novotny-Diermayr, V; Matter, A; Fairhurst, A.-M; Hibberd, M.L ; Connolly, J.E 
2009Intestinal microbiota regulate xenobiotic metabolism in the liverBj鰎kholm B.; Bok C.M.; Lundin A.; Rafter J.; Hibberd M.L. ; Pettersson S.
2012Mannose-binding Lectin 2 polymorphisms do not influence frequency or type of infection in adults with chemotherapy induced neutropaeniaWong M.; Öhrmalm L.; Broliden K.; Aust C.; Hibberd M. ; Tolfvenstam T.
2018Methylation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is lineage specific with associated mutations present globallyPhelan, J; De Sessions, P.F; Tientcheu, L; Perdigao, J; Machado, D; Hasan, R; Hasan, Z; Bergval, I.L; Anthony, R; McNerney, R; Antonio, M; Portugal, I; Viveiros, M; Campino, S; Hibberd, M.L ; Clark, T.G
2016Mycobacterium tuberculosis whole genome sequencing and protein structure modelling provides insights into anti-tuberculosis drug resistancePhelan, J; Coll, F; McNerney, R; Ascher, D.B; Pires, D.E; Furnham, N; Coeck, N; Hill-Cawthorne, G.A; Nair, M.B; Mallard, K; Ramsay, A; Campino, S; Hibberd, M.L ; Pain, A; Rigouts, L; Clark, T.G
2007Optimization and clinical validation of a pathogen detection microarrayWong C.W.; Heng C.L.W.; Wan Yee L.; Soh S.W.L. ; Kartasasmita C.B.; Simoes E.A.F.; Hibberd M.L. ; Sung W.-K. ; Miller L.D.
2017Primary macrophages and J774 cells respond differently to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosisAndreu, N; Phelan, J; De Sessions, P.F; Cliff, J.M; Clark, T.G; Hibberd, M.L 
2016Recombination in pe/ppe genes contributes to genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineagesPhelan, J.E; Coll, F; Bergval, I; Anthony, R.M; Warren, R; Sampson, S.L; Gey van Pittius, N.C; Glynn, J.R; Crampin, A.C; Alves, A; Bessa, T.B; Campino, S; Dheda, K; Grandjean, L; Hasan, R; Hasan, Z; Miranda, A; Moore, D; Panaiotov, S; Perdigao, J; Portugal, I; Sheen, P; de Oliveira Sousa, E; Streicher, E.M; van Helden, P.D; Viveiros, M; Hibberd, M.L ; Pain, A; McNerney, R; Clark, T.G
2006RNA viral community in human feces: Prevalence of plant pathogenic virusesZhang T.; Breitbart M.; Lee W.H.; Run J.-Q.; Wei C.L.; Soh S.W.L. ; Hibberd M.L. ; Liu E.T. ; Rohwer F.; Ruan Y.
2017Single-virion sequencing of lamivudine-treated HBV populations reveal population evolution dynamics and demographic historyZhu, Y.O; Aw, P.P.K; de Sessions, P.F; Hong, S; See, L.X; Hong, L.Z; Wilm, A; Li, C.H; Hue, S; Lim, S.G ; Nagarajan, N ; Burkholder, W.F; Hibberd, M 
2013Species Identification and Profiling of Complex Microbial Communities Using Shotgun Illumina Sequencing of 16S rRNA Amplicon SequencesOng S.H.; Kukkillaya V.U.; Wilm A.; Lay C.; Ho E.X.P.; Low L.; Hibberd M.L. ; Nagarajan N. 
2015Tracking Dengue Virus Intra-host Genetic Diversity during Human-to-Mosquito TransmissionSim S.; Aw P.P.K.; Wilm A.; Teoh G.; Hue K.D.T.; Nguyen N.M.; Nagarajan N. ; Simmons C.P.; Hibberd M.L. 
2013Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy markerNookaew, I; Thorell, K; Worah, K; Wang, S; Hibberd, M.L ; Sjövall, H; Pettersson, S; Nielsen, J; Lundin, S.B
2013Treatment response in Kawasaki disease is associated with sialylation levels of endogenous but not therapeutic intravenous immunoglobulin GOgata S.; Shimizu C.; Franco A.; Touma R.; Kanegaye J.T.; Choudhury B.P.; Naidu N.N.; Kanda Y.; Hoang L.T.; Hibberd M.L. ; Tremoulet A.H.; Varki A.; Burns J.C.